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Teen Delivers Veterans Day Speech, But Wasn’t Expecting This Special Guest To Open The Door

Children of military personnel are accustomed to celebrating holidays apart from each other while their father or mother is serving overseas. It’s heartbreaking to be separated, but it’s part of the job. However, Haley Webb still wanted her father to participate in her middle school’s Veterans Day celebration. With the help of the school’s principal, Webb received an unexpected surprise.

Always Apart

Haley Webb’s father, Sgt. First Class Jason Webb, has been a member of the United States Army for as long as Haley could remember. Her family has had to learn to cope with his frequent absence. But that’s all part of being a military family. In 2016, her father had been serving in Seoul, South Korea, when Haley thought maybe, by some miracle, he could find a way to come home.

Asking Him To Come Home

Haley wanted her father to attend her middle school’s Veterans Day celebration for a specific reason: she was performing. She knew her father would be proud. Although she asked him if he could request a temporary leave, he quickly told her that wouldn’t be possible. Haley understood, but she was disappointed.

And that’s when her school’s principal, Brett Playter, stepped in….

Making Arrangements To Bring Him Home

Playter knew Haley wanted her father to attend the celebration. That’s why he thought of an ingenious plan. He asked Haley to deliver a speech, which he would write, and this speech would introduce the ceremony’s special guest. The guest was military personnel and would seal the festivities by playing “Taps.” Haley quickly agreed, and she had no idea what Playter was really planning — to introduce her father.

Delivering The Speech

After her concert band’s performance during the celebration, Playter went up to the podium and took the microphone. That was Haley’s cue to deliver her speech. She took the paper from Playter, and she didn’t have a chance to read it before the ceremony. When she read the introduction, she suddenly realized she was introducing her father! Watch the reunion and have a box of tissues with you.

Happily Reunited

So, how exactly was this made possible? It turns out Sgt. Webb had already been granted leave when he first spoke to Haley weeks before the celebration. He kept that a secret to surprise her. He shared his secret with the family, who got in touch with Playter to help arrange the surprise. This is one Veterans Day moment the father-and-daughter duo will never forget!

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