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Teen Uses Money Saved For Date On Water for Firefighters Instead

A 15-year old teenager in Cerola, Ala. spent the $40 he saved up to take his girlfriend on a date in order to buy water for the firefighters trying to save his burning home.

The firefighters could not save their home. But that didn’t stop Kenneth Bennett from showing his appreciation to strangers who risked their lives in service to others. The teenager found that the plastic cooler brought along by the firefighters had no more water and so he did the only thing he could do at that situation—he went out to the nearby gas station to buy bottles of water.

Cassie Bennett, the teen’s mom, was extremely proud of what her son had done, but at the same time it saddened her knowing full well how hard he worked to save up that money.

There’s good ending to this story as the community, after hearing about his good deed, rallied to allow him to take his girlfriend out to celebrate their first anniversary as a couple.

Mobile Traffic, a Facebook page followed by his mom, heard about the story and crowdsourced for a restaurant or limo service to make the day unforgettable for Kenneth and his girl. So many people offered to help. For instance, a tux rental store offered to dress up the teenager on that big day.

The two then had dinner at a restaurant called Felix’s Fish Camp. They were also picked up in a fancy limo from Elegant Knights Limo-Party Bus, headquartered in Mobile.  The whole post by Mobile Traffic on Kenneth Bennett’s special day with his girlfriend can be read on their Facebook page.

While the first anniversary went well, Kenneth and his mom are still without a house. Their insurance only covered the structure, but not the furniture and other stuff. A GoFundMe campaign was set up to help the family get back on their feet. So far, the account already raised $4,500 out of the $20,000 target.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved