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No One Expected This Teen’s Inspirational Graduation Speech

No one was expecting Sef Scott to walk to the podium and deliver the address at Plano Senior High School’s graduation in June. But, that’s exactly what happened. The usually shy student had a lot to share with his fellow graduates— all focusing on how to push beyond the expectations. When he finished his speech, he probably wasn’t expecting to receive a standing ovation.

The Shyest Student You’ll Ever Meet

Sef Scott isn’t your typical high school student. He isn’t vocal and prefers to be in the background. Because he has autism and a social disorder, he chooses not to talk, but he wasn’t going to let that stop him from auditioning to present the graduation address.

Vicki Jessup-Scott via Facebook

In fact, the teenager was eager to address his graduating class and deliver a powerful speech on defying expectations. And when it comes to his inspiration, he thanks his older brother.

Following In His Brother’s Footsteps

Sef’s older brother, Sim, is a cancer survivor. He makes frequent speeches to raise funds for pediatric cancer research, so Sef wanted to be just like his role model— inspiring others in a verbal speech.

Vicki Jessup-Scott via Facebook

So, when it came time for him to write his speech, Sim and his mother assisted Sef in writing each word. What the three put together was one unbelievably powerful speech!

Sprinkle Unexpected Moments

The graduate’s speech focused on pushing beyond the expectations. Instead, be unexpected and surprise people.

“We all share one thing in common, for sure. We all made it,” Scott addressed. “And how do I know that? Well, it’s kind of obvious. You’re all right here with me at a graduation ceremony wearing those caps and gowns. Yes, I have autism, but I am also a smart alec. Unexpected, right?”

Autism Speaks via Facebook

His speech emphasized that we should sprinkle unexpected moments in our daily routine. Surprise others for your own happiness and you might surprise yourself with how far you’ll go.

With a speech like that, it’s not surprising Scott received a standing ovation. Not a bad way to end your high school career!

Watch the whole speech and be inspired!

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