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What Terminally Ill Kids Say They Value Most Is So Sweet, It’ll Leave You In Tears.

Earlier this year, pediatrician Alastair McAlpine asked some of his terminally-ill patients what they value most and then shared their answers on Twitter. Remember — these are kids. Yet their wisdom is enough to make us reconsider our own priorities. Below are 10 of the most surprising things that McAlpine’s child patients told him. Fair warning that you might need to grab the tissues before you read what these sweet, brave kids have to say.

They Love Pets

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A lot of the kids spoke dearly of their pets. “I love Rufus, his funny bark makes me laugh.” “I love when Ginny snuggles up to me at night and purrs.” “I was happiest riding Jake on the beach.” Of course, cats and dogs aren’t the only creatures they care for.

The Love Their Parents


The children showed a heartbreaking concern for their parents. “Hope mum will be ok. She seems sad.” “Dad mustn’t worry. He’ll see me again soon.” “God will take care of my mum and dad when I’m gone.”

Ice Cream


According to McAlpine, ALL of them love ice-cream. No surprise there. They also all agreed on the next value on our list, which may not be as expected.

Good Stories


All of the kids enjoyed reading stories or having stories read to them. “Harry Potter made me feel brave.” “I love stories in space!” “I want to be a great detective like Sherlock Holmes when I’m better!”

True Friends


The kids value those who appreciated them for who they really are. “My real friends didn’t care when my hair fell out.” “Jane came to visit after the surgery and didn’t even notice the scar!” As you’ll see later in the list, the kids narrowed down the list of human virtues to an essential few.

The Beach

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Many of the kids enjoyed the simple pleasures of the beach, playing in and near the water. “I made big sandcastles!” “Being in the sea with the waves was so exciting! My eyes didn’t even hurt!”

Human Kindness


Most of the kids considered kindness to be the highest virtue. “My granny is so kind to me. She always makes me smile.” “Jonny gave me half his sandwich when I didn’t eat mine. That was nice.” “I like it when that kind nurse is here. She’s gentle. And it hurts less.” They see kindness as a key component of friendship, much like the next value on our list.

They Love To Laugh

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These kids love to laugh and they adore people who can make them laugh.”That magician is so silly! His pants fell down and I couldn’t stop laughing!” “My daddy pulls funny faces which I just love!” “The boy in the next bed farted! Hahaha!” Something essential would be missing from this list if they didn’t mention the next value.

Toys Are Stalwart Companions

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Of course, the kids love to play with their toys.”My Princess Sophia doll is my favorite!” “I love Batman!” “I like cuddling my teddy.” Last but not least is a value we can all get behind.

Family Values

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All of the children valued nothing more than spending time with their family. “Mum and dad are the best!” “My sister always hugs me tight” “No one loves me like mummy loves me!” Are you crying yet?

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