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How This Text Message Sent To A Wrong Number, Ended Up Mobilizing Help For A Family In Need

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Every now and then, we accidentally send a text message to the wrong person. One day in Phoenix, Arizona,  Bill Clayten received an accidental text message from Abby Fink. This message inspired Clayten to help a complete stranger.

Wrong Number

Clayten received a weird text message: “Hey brother Jakeman, this is sister Fink, we are bringing you dinner tomorrow I was wondering what time would be a good time to bring it over.” Abby Fink was trying to send a text to some family friends whose number just happens to be one digit off from Clayten’s. This particular family was under a lot of stress because Noah, their 4-year-old son, was fighting for his life after having a seizure that sent vomit into his lungs the week before.

Unexpected Reply

At first, Clayten wanted to have some fun with the accidentally sent text and responded, “Oh, what are you bringing me, I don’t like seafood.” Clayten’s response caused Fink to immediate realize her error. Fink told Clayten who she meant to send the text to, think that that would be the end of the conversation. However, Clayten surprised her when he texted back, “How can I help?” Fink suggested that Clayten pray for Noah and his family, but Clayten does not pray. This did not stop him from trying to help the family, who are going through any parents’ nightmare. So, Clayten did offer to help with donations and food for the family during this time.

A Connection Amongst Strangers

Of course, Fink was completely surprised by Clayten’s response, especially considering that he was a complete stranger to the family. For Clayten, however, he was acting as a father. He is a single father, and it believed that helping Noah and his family could be a great “teachable moment” for his son because helping others is “just what people do.” Still, Fink was completely surprised by Clayten’s response because she believes that sometimes, “it’s hard to find good people, good genuine people who want to serve and help others.” Even though Clayten was using this incident as a teaching moment for his son, it is heartwarming to see a father committed to helping other parents.

People Joining Together

Clayten has worked tirelessly to help Noah and his family, gathering his friends on Facebook to send gifts and cards to the sick 4-year-old. Clayten even got a local charity to lend a hand to the family as well. Noah’s parents are as surprised and overwhelmed as Fink was, especially when they spoke to ABC15 News on the phone about the heartwarming support that they received. They were touched that a perfect stranger, “knew…that a little boy was in the ICU, and he just wanted to jump into action.” Happily, Noah is finally out of the ICU, but it still at Phoenix’s Children’s Hospital to begin his lengthy recovery. Clayten plans to visit with the family in person to drop of a gift to Noah.

Social Media Response

People on the Internet are also pleasantly surprised by Clayten’s actions. Yahoo user who knows said, “It warms my heart to see an accidental text could lead to so much good. I hope Bill and this family remain close, and that little Noah can regain his health.” Other internet users, such as Yahoo user nikki understand what Noah’s family is going through, so they understand how much Clayten’s kind actions really mean for families experiencing health difficulties. She commented, “Bless him and those who reached out to help and support them.”

If you would like to help this family, you can donate at their GoFundMe site!

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