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The Internet Has Rediscovered Brad Pitt’s ‘Meet Joe Black,’ And Can’t Stop Tweeting About It

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More than two decades after its initial release, it seems that people just can’t stop talking about the movie, Meet Joe Black. Following a tweet from comedian Rosie O’Shea, moviegoers on are opening up on social media about their reactions to some of the film’s quirkier moments.

Brutal Tweets About The Film

O’Shea probably tweeted about the film just to share some funny thoughts with her fans. She tweeted some comments and video from the part in the movie where Brad Pitt and Claire Forlani, the film’s two main characters, meet for the first time. The two steal glances, walk in opposite directions for a while, and then Brad Pitt gets hit by a series of cars. Weird, right? Here are the clip and her comments from O’Shea’s feed:

Once O’Shea tweeted, a lot of people clearly agreed. The single clip had more than 38,000 retweets, almost 139,000 likes, and more than 3,000 comments. She’s not the only person to gain traction on the topic. @Lucas Turnbloom Tweeted his similar thoughts about the movie was and got more than 2,200 retweets and 10,000 likes. It seems the internet just can’t give any mercy to this film.

Melodrama Doesn’t Sit Well With Modern Fans

So what is the film ultimately about anyway? The film features a baby-faced Brad Pitt as the character death. He asks a mogul, played by Anthony Hopkins, to teach him about life. In the process, death falls in love with the Mogul’s daughter, played by Claire Forlani. Its three hours long and fans are finding it hard to sit through the acting, editing, and what they’re calling an unwieldy plot. When the film was released, reviewers and fans had similar comments.

Now as in the past, the whole thing leaves fans scratching their heads but the recent social media attention is giving the film a new life and a new audience. It’s also broadening the focus on some of the weirdest areas of the film, such as odd edits, unwieldy pacing, and scenes where the character death eats peanut butter. At this point, the film is destined to become a new cult classic or a passing object of online teasing. Time will tell which way things go.

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