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The Internet Love Sharing Photos Of Irish Wolfhounds And Their Gentle Giant Antics

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Irish Wolfhounds are on record as the tallest breed of canine, standing over three feet tall at the shoulders when full grown. Get a Wolfhound on his hind legs, and he towers over even the tallest humans at seven feet! It’s no wonder Irish Wolfhound owners and enthusiasts love to share their gentle giants’ antics on social media.

Instagram alone registers over 300,000 posts with the #IrishWolfhound hashtag. User wolfhoundfamily in Russia shows exactly how tall their Wolfhound stands in a recent post that garnered more than 1500 likes:

Popular posts from around the world prove that other breeds are dwarfed in comparison to the Wolfhound. Fortunately, the little guys benefit from their giant friends, whether it’s catching a ride or reaching up for a treat.

Nine Lives

Even though Irish Wolfhounds have enjoyed a steady climb in popularity — the American Kennel Club ranks their population’s ownership 76th out of almost 200 breeds — there were at least two times in history the Wolfhound nearly went extinct. In the mid-1800s, Army Captain George Augustus Graham took an interest in the Wolfhound and made it his life’s work to revive the breed.

Wolfhounds have become well-known for their friendliness and protectiveness, particularly toward the children in their families. Sometimes, though, the Wolfhounds want to be treated like children. Check out the Goldilocks story below! This bed was just right.

Protecting The Breed

Irish Wolfhounds make wonderful companions with their very laid-back demeanor (compared to some of their hunting-companion cousins). They need room to roam and upwards of 2500 calories per day in adulthood. Wolfhounds that are active hunters may need up to 3500 calories on hunt days! The Irish Wolfhound Club of America lists contact info for Wolfhound rescues in 49 states and across Canada.

The Irish Wolfhound Community on Facebook has more than 11,000 members, and there are dozens more communities devoted to the care and feeding of these moppish pups.

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