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The Strangest Hotel Rooms You Will Ever See

Why settle for just any regular hotel room, when you choose a unique, weird and a little bit peculiar room so that you are entertained inside and out!? Here are some hotels who offer exactly this and more. many of them are not too far away from home either! All you need is some free time, and a […]

Why settle for just any regular hotel room, when you choose a unique, weird and a little bit peculiar room so that you are entertained inside and out!? Here are some hotels who offer exactly this and more. many of them are not too far away from home either! All you need is some free time, and a lot of money…. enjoy!

10. V8 Hotel – Stuttgart, Germany

This hotel was built on top of a closed down airport and it is all about cars. The rooms and each themed differently, from a car wash inspired room to a beautiful drive-in cinema room or a gas station theme room and more!

Remember how excited you were about cars as a child? This hotel is where you’ll get to live your childhood dreams all over again!

9. Costa Verde: The 727 Fuselage Suite – Quepos, Costa Rica

This hotel “room” is made of a refurbished 1965 Boeing 727 airframe, standing on top of a 50-foot pedestal, which some genius decided turned into a two bedroom suite. It’s the perfect combination between a tree house and a scene from a plane crash movie, or maybe a lost island survival movie?

The Republic of Costa Rica is a small country in Central America, where a quarter of its area consists up of many jungles, all rich in wildlife. Just imagine waking up inside this plane, with a little spider monkey on your face. Sounds…. interesting!  Happy holidays!

8. The Seven Hotel: The 007 Suite –  Paris, France

Do you love James Bond? have you always imagined what it would be like to sleep in a hotel like he dies? Even though you won’t get a license to kill, or a Bond girl in this hotel, you will get a vintage room fit for a secret agent (or at least from the 70’s). Hopefully, a bond villain does not come with it! We wouldn’t want you to not wake up in the morning and miss the hotel’s yummy breakfast.

While you are pretending to be James Bond, you can also vacation in Paris, France. Even though it’s not part of Bond’s base of operations, he has been seen there in the past– Roger Moore was in Paris in “A View to A Kill” and Sean Connery was there in “Thunderball”.

7. The Free Spirit Spheres – Vancouver Island, Canada

Remember building tree houses as a child? Even if you didn’t have one as a child, you know what they’re for. It’s that magical place children run away to hide in from the adults and the rest of the world. Living in a big city, you probably won’t be able to find a good location for a tree house, but you may be able to find one on your  next vacation.

The “Tree houses for adults” are spheres that are suspended in mid-air, in the middle of a rain forest, and can only be reached by climbing ladders and rope bridges. If you’re looking for an action packed and exciting vacation, this is the destination for you. Here you can also relax, meditate, and think quietly about your life.

6. Hotel Parchi del Garda: The “AKI’S GROTTO” Room – Lake Garda, Italy

Ever dreamt of spending your vacation in a cave just like in a fairy tale, together with a talking wall?! Well, now you can, in a luxurious room instead of a damp cave, together with a comfy bed and great wine. Plus, you’re in Italy, and Italy is always a good place to spend some time and eat great pasta.

The room is designed to look like a cave. The main attraction is the animatronics; a moving “face” in the wall – it even has a mouth and eyes, and it may start talking to you in at some point of the night. This is a vacation where you can go home and tell people you’ve actually been speaking to the walls!

5. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort: The Glass Igloos – Saariselkä, Finland

One of the main attractions in Lapland is the “Aurora Borealis” – the northern lights. It’s a stunning natural phenomenon that happens in the sky above. It can only be seen during certain times of the year. But even then, you can’t plan ahead but just hope you will get a glimpse!

The best chance to catch a glimpse at night are with the help of these beautiful “igloos”, fully equipped with beds and a bathroom. Don’t worry, they are warm enough inside and this whole experience can be very romantic. Just remember you’re surrounded by glass – so everyone can see what’s going on in your room!

4. The Ice Hotel – Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Speaking of freezing weather, if the cold doesn’t bother you, the Ice Hotel is a unique winter experience. It is rebuilt every year during the winter from ice and snow, these rooms are an ever-changing work of art that melts in the spring. You are sure to see a unique work of art that will be completely different the following year.

Keep in mind that there are certain facilities that can’t be built in a room made of ice. There are no showers or toilets inside the room. For that, you’ll have to go to the nearby building, even if it’s for the toilet in the middle of the night.

3. Hayema Heerd: The Straw Castle – Oldehove, the Netherlands

If you too feel it is very romantic to sleep inside a real barn, this is the hotel for you. It always sounds romantic in the movies – you meet a beautiful girl while on the run from your family. You both hide in the barn with a romantic candlelight, talk about the wonders of the world until the small hours of the night and fall in love.

If you ever wanted to sleep in a barn and live the fantasy, now you can. This hotel in the Netherlands has a dining table, chandeliers, and a big bed, complete with fresh straw. Cows are luckily not included. You will, however, have to bring your own beautiful woman to spend the night with!

2. Treehotel: The Mirror Cube room – Boden, Sweden

Is it magic or maybe clever science? Some people like to “disappear” from their life  and run away from their daily routine. Well now you can disappear in this unique hotel in Sweden, that will make you think the room might not even be there.

This is the perfect hideout among in the trees. The hotel room walls are covered with mirrors. It’s like sleeping in the Star Trek ship, or one of Merlin’s hiding places. Aaaaand, it’s suspended in the air, so you need to climb stairs to get to the room. Just don’t come out the wrong side by mistake.

1.Karostas Cietums: The Prison Rooms – Liepāja, Latvia

We are not sure this is your “dream vacation”, but who knows, maybe it is your dream to sleep in a jail cell? Whatever you may think of this, it is a unique proposition! The good thing is that you don’t have to commit a crime to spend a night in this particular prison in Latvia – all you need is money and a plane ticket and they will check you in immediately!

On your next trip to Latvia, why not spend the night in a prison cell? This is the only military prison in Europe that is open to tourists, and until now no one has ever escaped from it. If you decide to pay your bill, they might even let you go in the morning.

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