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5 Things You Never Thought To Do With Duct Tape (But Have To Try Now)

Duct tape is such a versatile product. If you let your imagination soar with nothing more than a roll of duct tape in your hand, there’s no telling what kinds of creations you can come up with. Here are a few ways to use duct tape that maybe you haven’t thought of yet, and might inspire you to think of more ways to use it.

Garden Markers

To make these adorable garden markers, you’ll need aluminum duct tape (not silver), plastic knives, and a dull ballpoint pen. Cut the aluminum duct tape to size and bend it around the dull end of the knife to make a flag. Starting at the plastic knife end, write the plant name backward, pressing down hard. BAM, you’ve got a cute and cheap garden marker that looks great in your garden.

Aunt Peaches

Camping Help

There are so many ways to use duct tape while you’re camping. Rip in the tent? Duct tape. Tear in the air mattress or sleeping bag? Duct tape. When you’re camping with your duct tape and fixing everything in sight, keep in mind it’s waterproof. So if you get a hole in your water bladder or your boat, you can patch those up too.


Lunch Bags

You’ve probably heard of fashionistas creating purses out of duct tape. With all the colors and patterns to choose from, it’s hard to resist trying out a pattern for yourself. Along the same lines, you can create a lunch bag for yourself or for your kids using duct tape. Just download a pattern, pick your duct tape, and get to work. Guaranteed no one will have a lunch bag like yours!

Honey D’s Creations

No Slipping

Have you ever bought a new pair of heels for a special occasion, only to step out on to a beautiful marble floor and slip right on your caboose? That never has to happen again. Instead of scuffing the bottoms of your shoes on the concrete, put one piece of duct tape on the pad and one on the heel. Now you can buy those new shoes and stay up on your own two feet with no worries. Thanks to duct tape.

Highly Improper

Make-Shift Tux

This hack may be more time consuming than the rest, but it’s also the most impressive. Renting a tuxedo for any occasion, let alone buying one, is expensive. Why not make one out of duct tape instead? This couple entered a contest and made both of their outfits out of duct tape. They match! They also won first place in the contest with a prize of $10,000 a piece. Looks like all that time and effort making a tux and a dress was worth it. Impressive!

Kansas City Star

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