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This 101-Year-Old Woman Whose Son Drove Her For A Joyful Frolic Through The Snow Gives A Lesson In Appreciation

For kids who live in snowy areas, one thing is clear: the fun and frosty weather is one of the greatest things about winter. Unfortunately, oftentimes adults can see snow as a nuisance…but not this appreciative old woman. Instead, this 101-year-old was delighted to unleash her inner kid and enjoy the winter weather with glee. Thankfully, her son captured every adorable minute.

A Cheery, Youthful Soul

Who says that aging has to bring nothing but gloom? Sure, growing old can slow you down in certain ways. However, a youthful spirit is something you can carry through the years. Sometimes, the oldest, wisest people are those who do the best job finding their way back to their inner child.

This is especially true during the holiday season, a time of magical, innocent joy. Usually, it’s the kids who go out in the snow to sled, built forts, and make snowballs. However, this sweet 101-year-old woman proved that any age can appreciate the beauty of winter weather!

An Unexpected, Snowy Stop

When Armand Foisy and his 101-year-old mother, Albini, were out driving, they didn’t expect to see snow. However, the duo noticed snowfall beginning in Lillooet, British Colombia on their outing. Rather than drive in the other direction, Foisy’s mother asked to go to the source – though she didn’t tell her son her intentions.

Once they reached the snowy spot, Foisy assumed his mother would want to stay in the warm car to view it. However, she quickly bounded out into the piles of snow to play! What followed was a precious moment of whimsy and glee, and Foisy couldn’t help but capture it on camera.

‘Find Pure Joy In The Simple Things’

In a sweet video taken by Foisy, Albini truly seemed to dig into her inner kid. Unlike most adults who can get irritated with heavy snowfall, Albini celebrated the surrounding fluff gleefully. From frolicking through the frost to perfecting a snowball, she channeled her childish side with ease.

Thankfully, Foisy captured every second of Albini’s snow-loving quest on video. He uploaded the adorable footage to Facebook, with the caption: “Here’s proof that if you find pure joy in the simple things you can live a 100 years.” One thing is for certain: we should all strive to be as cool as Albini when we grow up!

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