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This 8-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Is Making Headlines For Helping An Injured Stray Dog

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What would you do if you saw a poor animal dying by the side of the road? Most people would continue to walk or drive by, but not young Huseyin el-Hasan. Even though the little boy lives in the middle of a warzone, he still took the time to help an animal in need. Find out why the eight-year-old refugee is making headlines for helping an injured stray dog.

You Got A Friend In Me

When el-Hasan stumbled upon a dying stray in Kills, Turkey, he knew that he had to do something right away. The canine was passing away before his little eyes. It was hit by an oncoming car that had not stopped to see what happened. Despite the fact that his home had heating troubles, he borrowed a blanket and rushed back to the scene of the crime. Once there, he draped the warm blanket on the cold dog and waited by his side.

I’ll Be There For You

The young boy called to adults for help as soon as he could. He patiently awaited their arrival. Once there, local animal welfare workers picked up the wounded canine and took it the vet immediately. Sadly, the dog succumbed to its injuries due to uncontrollable internal bleeding. Although the little boy’s heart was in pieces, his empathy did not go unnoticed.

Stand By Me

Soon afterward, the town’s deputy mayor Cuma Özdemir paid a visit to commend el-Hasan and his relatives. He even commented that the boy’s act of kindness was an example of humanity’s best side. The young boy’s story went viral on Facebook with 2,200 likes and 105 shares. So inspiring!

Social media response has been super sweet!

Facebook user Barbara Bingham cheered, “A child with empathy will not grow up to be a mean or bitter person. We need more people like him.”

Facebook user Maria Bagan was 100% pure, “Such kindness in the face of his own circumstances. Great kid, and great parents”

Facebook user Irena Micich kept it simple, “❤️ him”

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