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This Company Will Pay You To Sleep On The Job

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Tired of your job? An Indian company made headlines after seeking candidates interested in getting paid to sleep. Bangalore mattress and bedding startup Wakefit announced it was looking for “sleep interns” who’d be willing to “work” for Rs. 1 lakh, or about $1,400. All applicants needed to do was commit to catching nine hours worth of z’s each night for 100 nights on a mattress provided by the company.

Wakefit, which uses the catchy tagline “Let’s sleep together for 100 nights,” put out a complete job description that included its requirements for prospective job applicants. Candidates had to commit to a solid nine hours of sleep and forego taking their laptops to bed. Middle-of-the-night texting, Facebooking and Netflix binge-watching was also a no-no.

According to the company’s website, the job skills required for this ultimate work-from-home position included a “fanatical passion” for sleep and an “unmatched zeal,” for breaking personal sleep records. And of course, Wakefit’s company dress code mandated interns to show up for work in pajamas and remain at their “work stations,” while on the job.

The application process was pretty simple. Anyone who was interested merely had to fill out an online form that included their name and the reason why they thought they were a good fit for the job. The company assured that anyone who came up with a snappy answer would be shortlisted. A company video assured prospects that job satisfaction was guaranteed.

Wakefit Received More Than 70,000 Applications

Wakefit’s job ad story went viral after the company did an ad blitz on its website and social media. Company co-founder and CEO Ankit Garg, told Bangalore’s 93.5 FM that the company received approximately 70,000 applications after the announcement was posted.

According to Garg, the company was looking for people who were “absolutely crazy about sleep.” Hopefuls from around the globe responded to the job offer, posting comments on social media like, “I can do it. I can sleep 10 hours a day,” “Can it be permanent?” and “Where is the link to upload [my] resume?”

A Humorous Job Ad With A Serious Message

Garg elaborated that the amusing job post was designed to send a serious message. “We want the world to know what a good sleep is,” he explained.
While Wakefit’s job description was pretty corny, the company planned to use a combination of counseling and sleep trackers to scientifically determine how deeply subjects slept on Wakefit mattresses, how easy it was for subjects to wake and what their stress levels were like during the day.

Wakefit Co-founder Chaitanya Ramalingegowda echoed Garg’s sentiments, telling India’s Business Insider that the company’s sleep internship was “another step towards making sleep an integral part of maintaining work-life balance in our lives.”

Launched in 2016, the Bangalore-based start-up, which Garg described as a “sleep solutions company,” produces a wide variety of mattresses and bedding and bedroom accessories including sheets, sheet protectors, comforters, neck pillows and back support cushions.

Wakefit Started A “Right To Work Naps” Campaign

Prior to announcing its “sleep internship,” Wakefit made news in August 2019 when it began a “Right to Work Naps” campaign that sought to promote workplace nap rooms.

The company posted a “Right to Work Naps” survey that asked respondents questions such as how often they’d seen co-workers nod off during staff meetings, when they feel drowsiest during the day, stress levels on the job, and if a nap room at their workplace might be beneficial.

We say – give the people what they want (more sleep, less stress).

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