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This Halflinger Horse Will Give You Hair Envy

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Naomi Beckers lives in the Netherlands. Together, Naomi and her one-of-a-kind horse, Storm have taken the Internet by, well, storm. Storm is not just a regular horse. She is a Halflinger, and, unlike most other horses, the ten-year-old has a mane filled with beautiful blonde curls. Ironically, Naomi has a very similar hairstyle. When Naomi began to post pictures of herself and Storm on Instagram, they started gaining followers from all over the world. Their striking looks, coupled with the picturesque natural scenery of the Netherlands, make for some pretty amazing pictures.

How Does Storm Get That Look?

Although we have a generic idea of most animals’ looks, there is as much diversity in the animal world as there is among humans. There are more than 300 types of horses that exist, and each kind of horse has its own unique qualities. Storm happens to be a member of a horse breed called Halflinger. These horses are draft horses that originated from Austria. Most Halflingers are a golden chestnut color with distinctly blonde manes. Although they are not ponies, Halflingers are smaller than most other full-grown horses.

These horses were created by cross-breeding in the late 1800s. They were bred to be able to handle the rough, harsh terrain of the mountains in Italy and Austria. Today, Halflingers live all over the world. Although they are from different breeds, Halflingers look a lot like Palominos. Most horses are known for having long straight hair in their manes. When Halflingers are young, they have short curly manes. As they age, the manes get longer and straighter. Storm is unique because she is an older Halflinger with long, wavy hair.

Made For Each Other

Storm’s owner, Naomi Beckers, happens to have blonde, curly hair as well. Together, Storm and Naomi make quite the pair. It’s almost like they were made for each other! The world took notice of Storm and Naomi when Naomi started posting their pictures on Instagram. In many of their photos, they post so that their curly blonde tresses blend together.

At first, a few of Naomi’s family and friends liked the pictures, but the striking pair quickly attracted attention from animal lovers all over the world. Some people are calling Storm the Rapunzel of the animal world. Those perfect curls are certainly desirable. Women all over the world spend hours standing in front of the mirror with a curling iron trying to get that look. There are plenty of jokes about wigs and hair extensions being made of horsehair, but who knew people all over would be so envious of a horse’s mane?

Storm The Instagram Star

Today, Storm and Naomi have more than 50,000 followers on Instagram. They even have a YouTube channel that shows all of Storm’s wild adventures. In addition to being a bit of a social media star, Storm also participates in competitions. Storm has lots of fun playing games and riding around on trails near her home. She has play dates with other horses, and she even goes swimming sometimes.

Understandably, photographers all over the world want to get pictures of the fabulous duo, so many of Storm and Naomi’s videos include behind-the-scenes looks at some of their most famous photoshoots. Aside from all of the fun and games, Storm and Naomi spend plenty of time practicing for competitions. Storm is making great progress at dressage and jumping. In January 2020, Naomi will have owned Storm for a total of three years. Happy anniversary you two!

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