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A Three-Minute Rule Every Parent Should Know

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How much time do you spend with your children every day? Some parents spend time with their children after school, eat dinner with them, help them get ready for bed, and then kiss them good night. It’s a routine schedule, but a new psychological study reveals that most parents are neglecting a valuable rule— the three-minute rule.

Wait, What’s This?

What’s the three-minute rule, you may ask? Psychologists recommend parents to spend three minutes listening to their child every time they reunite.

Whether it’s as soon as you pick up your child from school or you were away for 30 minutes, it’s important to kneel down to your child’s eye level and listen to what they have to say. Look into their eyes and show that you care.

Why Is This Important?

Research shows that children remember their stories best during the very first minutes they see you. They’re excited to share their stories with you, and they can sense when you are not interested in their stories.

Ignoring the three-minute rule results in your child not only feeling neglected, but they also will forget to inform you about the very important details in their life. You will soon miss out on everything that is going on in your child’s life.

Things To Avoid

The three-minute rule doesn’t limit the time you spend with your child to only three minutes. You can (and should) spend as much time as you want every day. The rule emphasizes spending three minutes as soon as you reunite with your child to share a meaningful conversation.

There are many other parenting rules to consider that will strengthen your relationship, including participating in activities that both you and your child enjoy, reinforcing that you understand your child’s stories, and returning to the conversations later in the day.

Show that you care. Don’t fake your excitement. But most importantly, be there for your child. During their teenage years, you’ll wish you had these years back when your child willingly shares stories with you.

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