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Three Pugs Create Cutest Game Of Thrones Photos Ever

It seems like everyone is excited about HBO’s Game of Thrones as it enters its final season. Three pugs, Roxie, Blue, and Bono are excited too. Since 2014, photographer Phillip Lauer and his wife, Sue, have created some of the iconic images that are reminiscent of the show— but with their own small-dog twist. We think that these small pooches are every ounce as mighty as any grand character in Westeros.

Channeling Bran Stark, Ned Stark, And Jon Snow

The three mighty pugs make adorable recreations of three of the show’s lead male characters. In stylish leather and fur, they portray the men’s strength, stoic demeanor, and sense of command. The mossy rock platform, the well-placed sword, and the pugs’ intense stare add to the photo. We dare even the most serious Game of Thrones fan not to smile!

A Pug Dragon Queen

The pug version of Daenerys Targaryen, the series Queen of Dragons, represents her character well. Fans can almost imagine the pug, in his turquoise and gold costume, guarding a dragon egg and mastering armies, followers, and fire-breathing creatures. It’s also easy to imagine pug Daenerys spending time with pug Jon Snow!

A Four-Legged Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion is one of the most distinctive and beloved characters in Game of Thrones. This pug seems to understand how easy it is for people to underestimate him based only on size. He seems to realize what Tyrion already knows— small characters can have a mighty impact on their world.

If Joffrey Was A Pug

This pug has the jog of portraying one of the vilest characters of the show, King Joffrey. He wears his crown and sits on the throne like the regent he is, but he just can’t master the pure evil and full-of-spite look of the king he’s portraying. That’s probably for the best. Cuteness will always triumph!

Littlefinger Pug

Character Petyr Baelish knows all of the secrets in Game of Thrones. This pub seems to know them too. Unless we can understand his barks, however, there’s no chance we’ll get the secrets out of him. We’ll have to be content with admiring his brown cloak, his big pug eyes, and his stoic demeanor.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved