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Thrift Shop Worker Wrote Hilarious Labels For These Random Items And They’re Genuinely Brilliant

Ever wonder what happens to the useless objects which end up drifting throughout the shelves of thrift shops? After a while, most likely get thrown out. But at this store, they are celebrated in a hilarious fashion.

The Treasure Hunt Of Thrift Shopping

If you’re not a fan of thrift shops, you’re missing out on incredible finds at bargain prices. Many who go thrift shopping are able to pull gems out of the rubble, like vintage wine glasses, gorgeous clothing, or seemingly priceless antiques. However, there are some items that end up in thrift shops that don’t get nearly as much love.

Bored Panda

Many people dump stuff at thrift stores when they’re trying to clean out the extra clutter in their homes. This forces out items that seem useless, like random pendants, rusty old bells, obscure candle holders, and more. While many of these items go neglected and eventually get trashed, one thrift shop employee has decided to take the fate of these seemingly unnecessary items into her own hands.

This Is Honestly Genius

An Imgur user named Nicole recently discovered a thrift shop with some pretty hilarious notes attached to many of the stranger and less necessary items in the store. Clearly, one of the employees got bored at work and felt a need to spice up the shelves a little bit. The result? A hilarious string of sales pitches that are absolutely irresistible.


Throughout the store, items like old silverware and neglected aftershave received a hype-up that they didn’t know they needed. Sure, these items might be impossible to sell on their own. Yet, nothing is impossible without a few hysterical and perfectly crafted notes!

Okay, I’ll Take One Of Everything

On a number of price tags, a funny employee wrote special notes for objects that would otherwise be unlikely to sell. On a tiny, glass, doll crib? “Crib for a really small baby.” On a candle holder with ducks and ducklings? “Ducks with ducklings capable of sustaining fire.” Seriously, someone needs to give this employee a raise.


We can only imagine what other silly notes are scattered throughout the shelves of this clever shop. If only every thrift shop had such hilarious notes accompanying their most neglected items. They’d never be able to keep their shelves stocked!

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