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Throwing Cheese On Kids Is The Odd New Trend Parents Love To Share On Social Media

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So, throwing cheese on children is a real thing now. Yes, you read correctly. Spawned from the Dog Cheese Challenge, tossing a slice of cheddar on your kid’s face is the new trend that has the internet scratching its head. The idea is that an upset child will stop crying due to the sheer surprise of being slapped by Kraft cheese. Here are some examples of the top Twitter reactions to this Internet phenomenon that will have you #cheesing for sure!

Slapped By Kraft

Twitter user @shelbslord posted a hilarious video of her pretending to sneeze on her baby. Instead, she throws a piece of cheddar at his adorable little face. All he can do is smile. This is definitely a childhood memory that he’ll look back on fondly.

It is also ironic to see a baby in a onesie that says “Genius” who also has a piece of cheese covering his entire face. Can’t wait until his mom shows him this video when he’s all grown up!

Ham On The Brain

Twitter user @Eddache_ shared a sweet spin on the trend that involves throwing ham on his baby’s face instead of cheese. “I don’t have cheese, I’ve only got ham,” he said as he prepares to strike. He then turns to his son and slams him in the face with a juicy piece of ham.

“Rick? Rick?” he called before blinding him with ham that sticks to the poor boy’s face like glue. The little boy just calmly pulled the ham off of his face. Honestly, this has got to be the most original version of the Baby Cheese Challenge. Twitter user @Eddache_ simply captioned his video “Ham.”

Keep It Cheesy

Twitter user @Orlandonava1204 trained the camera on the cutest little baby sitting in a high chair. Out of nowhere, he threw a Kraft single on the baby’s face like one would toss cheese onto a pizza.

This little one’s face said it all. He probably didn’t even understand the concept of cheese yet, let alone why it was currently melting on his face. His sweet face looking up at the camera was priceless! So next time your little one is making a fuss, just tell them to say #cheese!

As if the original documentation of the peculiar new trend isn’t enough, the social media reactions are hilarious!

@shelbslord wrote on Twitter, “Thankfully he likes cheese.”

Twitter user @Eddache_ simply captioned his video “Ham.”

@Orlandonava1204 shared his video on Twitter, saying “:(”

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