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Two Years After Bringing ‘Tibetan Mastiff’ Home, Family Finds Out Their Huge Pet Is Really A Bear

Most pet owners anticipate worrying over toys, bedding, and making sure the new addition to the family has enough to eat. Although a family thought it was strange that their puppy had a voracious appetite, nothing could prepare them for their pet’s true identity. Little by little, there were signs that something was very different about their Tibetan Mastiff.

Too Cute To Notice

Chinese woman Su Yun was so excited when she brought home what she thought was a furry, chubby Tibetan Mastiff. Yun lived in China’s Yunnan province, which hosts a population of species called sun bears. Su admitedly had a fear of bears. If anything, though, her new pet would make her feel more secure from potential wildlife encounters.


It never crossed Su’s mind that maybe her beloved puppy was an entirely different species than she’d initially believed. Su was shocked at how much food the puppy ate, chowing down on two buckets of noodles a day, and a whole box of fruits.

An Unbearable Revelation

When the Tibetan Mastiff started walking on its hind legs and hadn’t stopped growing in size, Su knew something was wrong. What should have been a reasonably sized dog was approaching the 250-pound weight limit. When the family dog was nearly a meter tall, the family got in touch with the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Center for help.

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Su had purchased her pup while on vacation, but the evidence was mounting that the dog was more than meets the eye. It turned out that Su and her family had been housing a bear and not a canine the whole time, thus explaining the animal’s impressive appetite.

Wild Return To Nature

The staff from the rescue center approached the bear cautiously and sedated the animal before transporting it away. Su’s Tibetan Mastiff was identified as an endangered Asiatic Black Bear, which could earn a lot of money on the black market.

Asian Crush

Su shouldn’t feel too embarrassed for thinking her pet dog was a bear, as many unscrupulous places bait and switch customers with faux animals. Luckily for the Asiatic Black Bear, the animal was delivered into the hands of the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Center, and not poachers or merciless traders.

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