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These Tiny Crochet Sloths Are Guaranteed To Melt Your Heart

From their slouchy eyes to their always-smiling faces, sloths are some of the most adorable animals on the planet. Baby sloths? Even cuter. Baby crochet sloths you can wrap around your finger? The cutest! Keep reading to find out why these tiny crochet sloths are perfect for cuddling up on a lazy day or just adding a new best friend to your life. Plus, they are perfectly compact, meaning you can take them just about anywhere!

Too Cute For Words

Take these two lovebirds, for instance. They are super adorable, getting all cuddly wrapping each other in hugs. And they just look so soft! I’m definitely feeling the love, and I bet they are too.

Facebook / The Twisted Crocheter

Their tiny facial details add such a personal touch. The little blue guy on the right is basically peering into my soul.

A New Lazy Sidekick

The way this little one wraps around your finger is just to die for. He looks so soft and cuddly. I’d love to have him by my side on a lazy Sunday afternoon, lounging on the couch, tea in hand.

Facebook / The Twisted Crocheter

He’s definitely my new Netflix binge buddy, as long as he doesn’t mind rewatching every season of Lost.

Making Friends Forever

On second thought, I’d probably bring these little guys just about anywhere. I’d hang him from my steering wheel on my way to work, on my desktop monitor and even from my showerhead (I’m kidding, kind of).

Facebook / The Twisted Crocheter

These baby crochet sloths are everything you need for a lazy day, regular day or one of those days where you just need something cute to make you feel better. If you’re feeling crafty, the baby sloth pattern is absolutely free to download on The Twisted Crocheter’s website. If you’re not the artsy type, they’re also available for purchase. I’ll take one in every color!

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