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Why A Tiny Donkey Thinks He’s A Dog

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One bright morning in Ontario, the Toppings went out to their barn to check on their donkeys. When they entered the barn, they found a rabbit on the floor in the donkey pen. Upon closer inspection, they discovered it wasn’t a rabbit, it was a tiny donkey weighing less than ten pounds. He looked like he was in distress, so they took him to the vet.

A Tiny Barn Surprise

Having been rejected by his parents for his size, the Toppings knew they were the only chance this little donkey had for survival. When they got him to the vet, they discovered his liver wasn’t functioning properly. The vet gave them instructions on how to care for the donkey, and they took him home.

He wasn’t able to go back to the barn, so they took him into their home and nursed him back to health. They named him Tiny Tim.

Dedicated Rescue Parents

Tiny Tim had to nurse from his bottle every 20 minutes to regain his strength. As he got stronger, he required less frequent feedings, and he became more like part of the family. The Toppings house-trained him alongside their other house dogs, and he took to it almost immediately. Tiny Tim accepted the fact that he must be a dog.

After all, that’s who he lived with. Mrs. Toppings said, “He was so much easier than a dog to train.” What a smart little guy.

Donkey Life As A Dog

Tiny Tim wouldn’t be able to live his life as a donkey, even if he wanted to. The other donkeys would have killed him because of his size, so he lives inside with his parents and his dog siblings. He enjoys walks, pillow fights, and slumbering on the floor in the sunlight cascading through the window. Basically, a dog’s life.

But that’s not all. The Toppings are training Tiny Tim to be a service animal, to provide emotional support for those in need. He will be visiting nursing homes, residences for special needs, and hospitals. The Toppings are so glad to have rescued Tiny Tim, and he’s enjoying his life as a dog.

Want to see Tiny Tim play? Check out this video.

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