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This 13-Year Old Built His Own Tiny Home, And You Won’t Believe What He Spent

It’s easy to own a home if you’re an adult. You work for the deposit, head to the bank for a mortgage and move in.

It’s not so easy, however, if you’re just 13 years old and the bank won’t give you a loan. However, one young man wasn’t prepared to let that stop him.

Meet Luke Thill

Luke Thill is in most ways your ordinary American teenager. He’s from Dubuque, Iowa and he’s in that part of his life where he has plenty of energy but not very many constructive outlets for it.

So, to channel that energy in a positive manner – he decided that he would build his own house, in his family’s backyard.

The results, as you can see, were spectacular.

How Does A Teenager Build A House?

It’s fair to say that while Luke was the lead and inspiration for the project, that he wasn’t entirely on his own with the house building.

His dad, for example, was the one who pitched in most of the materials and money required for the job. Yet, they did only spend $1,500, so nobody went broke over it.

Luke raised some of the money himself by doing a lot of odd jobs for his neighbors before he could start on the building work.

A House Built In The Public Eye

Luke took just over a year to raise the money and then he built his home live on YouTube. This allowed him to show the world what he was doing, but also how to do it themselves.

There were things he tried that didn’t work, and that meant his audience could avoid making his mistakes, too. The results were incredible and his house is a real home now.

You can see how the project progressed and how great the house is in the video below:

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved