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Why The #Tipthebill Challenge Has Waiters Freaking Out

Restaurant goers are leaving 100% tips thanks all to a Twitter challenge. Receiving a tip less than 15% can be a slap in the face. As Americans, we’re apparently pretty good at slapping. A whopping 40% of Americans don’t know they should be tipping between 15 and 20% according to Eater. This internet challenge is changing that.

They Make How Much Per Hour?

Servers have posted their appreciation for #tipthebillchallenge on social media to spread awareness. The minimum wages for tipped employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act is $2.13 per hour.  Tipping anything over 15% can literally make someone’s day. Multiply that by several tables and you’ll shout it from the rooftops. And social media.

Don’t Be That Guy

There are many social and economic reasons why someone may leave a bad tip. Patrons may simply not have enough money. Others feel that the cost of food is high enough without spending extra to pay servers. Some have learned poor tipping habits from generations of bad tippers. Whatever the reasons, don’t let yourself be this person. You’ll be seeing your wretched tip on Twitter before you hit the parking lot.

What About The Man Behind The Curtain?

Often times, restaurants require servers to pool their tips. Bussers and hosts play an integral role in your service. We forget that our tips may also be given to them. It’s pretty sad when you think of dividing up that 5% tip between 12 people. The busser that quickly clears your toddlers thrown plate of pasta— he deserves that 100%.

Your Chance To Feel Like Daddy Warbucks

We can’t all be the philanthropic fairy godmothers we dream to be. But maybe tomorrow morning, try tipping your barista 100%. I bet you’ll feel pretty close. And to that barista, you may as well be.  Research from the Journal Of Happiness Studies shows that you may not remember the last time you spent $20 on yourself, but you’ll remember vividly when you spent it on someone else.

Rise To The Challenge

As with any social media craze, the more you share it, the more it’s shared. Restaurant-goers and servers are flipping the tables on America’s poor tipping habits. Share your generosity and others will take notice. Make someone’s day and be a better tipper than you were yesterday. The #tipthebillchallenge is challenging us all.

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