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This DIY Toad Hotel Helps This Gentle Pup Beat Depression

Pets are wonderful things. We fall in love with our furry creatures and they fall in love with us. An unconditional bond is formed. However, most people draw a line with their pets. There is only so far they will go to make them happy. Other pet owners know no boundaries. This family falls into the category with no limits. What they did for their beloved dog will keep her happy for years to come.

A Dog In Need

When Chloe was very young, she was sick. Luckily, the adorable Beagle mix was adopted by her forever family. Now, she is as healthy as can be and receives all the love a pup could ask for.


Unfortunately, her family noticed some signs of depression. The episodes would mainly occur when there were no toads out in the yard. She loved to watch them hop around and would get sad when there weren’t any to play with.

A Brilliant Idea

That’s when her family knew they had to step in. There happened to be one area that the toads loved the most. It was a small, blue kitty pool laying around the backyard.


Shelby Pittsley, Chloe’s mom, decided that the pool should be turned into a toad hotel. This would attract the animals that Chole loves to watch so much. The gentle pup could have guaranteed toad-time every night.

A Construction Masterpiece

If you want to make one of these for a gentle pup of your own, it is quite simple. Split the pool in half using pavers or bricks. Fill one side with water for the frogs to swim in.

Shelby Pittsley

Fill the other side with dirt, rocks, twigs, and leaves. This will provide a sunbathing area for all of the toads that need a break from swimming. You’ll be attracting these little creatures in no time!

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