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Australian Toddler Who Wandered Into The Bush Might Have Died, If Not For This Elderly Dog

Recently, a three-year-old girl in Australia innocently wandered away from her home in Queensland and into the bush, which even the hardiest explorers will admit is a brutal, hostile environment. Little did she know that she was being followed by Max, the family dog, who would sit with her the entire time she was missing.

Loyal Dog

Max is a 17-year-old cattle dog. He’s partially deaf and blind, but when Aurora wandered off, he knew to follow her. The toddler was going where she wasn’t supposed to go, and his long-lived, wisened experience, coupled with his instincts, told him that she was going to need him. And she did.

So, like any loyal and faithful dog, he followed little Aurora into the bush and never left her side.

Australian Bush

It was wet weather when she wandered away, but more than 100 volunteers banded together to search for her. They searched the rural property and its surroundings all afternoon and into the night. Despite their efforts, there was no sign of Aurora.

The night temperatures dipped into the 50s and the girl was scared and cold, but she wasn’t alone. Max was there. They sought shelter from the cold under a rock until the sunrise.

Happy Ending

The next morning, after being gone for 16 hours, Aurora’s grandmother heard her calling out for help. When rescuers got to the mountaintop and the source of the distress call, they were greeted by Max, who led them straight to the girl. Her family said she only suffered a few minor cuts and scrapes from her ordeal over a mile away from her home. She was lucky.

Max saw to it that Aurora was comforted and safe. For his loyalty and bravery, he was awarded the title of honorary police dog by the Queensland Police! Good boy, Max, good boy.

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