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Adorable Toddler Hilariously Vents To Imaginary Friend In Viral Video

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A toddler was having a pretty long day and just had to get some things off her chest. So she ran to the phone to dial up her loyal friend to vent and the conversation is pure hilarity.

Good Gossip

Three-year-old Daisy Healy hails from Dublin, Ireland, where she lives with her family. Recently, her father Alan recorded her chatting on a landline phone with her imaginary friend: her great Nana. And little Daisy had a lot on her mind.

In the minute-long video, Daisy spoke with her “great Nana” about her hardships. “I am very hungry and I was thirsty and all like. Daddy keeps taking photos and it’s very mad,” the toddler vented. Giving off wild facial expressions and hand gestures, Daisy also shared that she was headed to the park, though still a little annoyed that her dad kept “taking photos.”

Crazy Daisy

Alan quickly posted the short clip on his Instagram where it became an instant hit. Daisy’s comedic conversation was so entertaining that a few folks said she should have her own YouTube channel. So Alan created one to show off more of her crazy antics.

The channel, appropriately titled “Crazy Daisy,” has a little over 1,000 subscribers so far. The toddler’s conversation video has been viewed over 100,000 times since Alan posted it towards the beginning of November 2018. Of course, he plans to record and post more videos of the popular toddler, none of which are ever staged. “She actually hates when I take out the phone to record a video of her, so none of the videos have ever been staged,” the dad admitted in an interview.

Future Drama Queen?

Alan went on to share that Daisy is definitely outgoing and loves to talk, but can be “very shy around new people.” He added, “She will warm up to them after a while.” It also seems like the toddler has quite the acting bug, and loves to play pretend with her toys. “I would often come into the sitting room and find her recreating a day in her creche, with all the dolls sitting on chairs and Daisy playing the role of teacher,” Alan shared.

It would be pretty interesting if Daisy got into acting later on down the road, especially because it seems to run in the family. Both of her older siblings, 13-year-old Alexandra and 6-year-old Noah, are currently in drama school. “Maybe she will follow this path,” Alan said. “But I’m not going to force her to do anything.” For now, fans can check out more of this spunky girl on her Crazy Daisy Youtube channel.

Watch Daisy’s viral conversation below!

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