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The Internet Is All About This Toddler’s Adorable Cup Stacking Video

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When Twitter user Natalia (@_mommanat) posted an adorable video of her daughter Clarissa meeting the challenge of properly stacking colorful nesting cups together on March 4, she couldn’t have expected that the cute video would go viral. The wholesome video represented a milestone for Clarissa that was far more important than simply stacking cup, and A LOT of people on the Internet, including celebrities, were quick to show shower the little girl with a delgue  praise. 

She Did It!

In the video, Clarissa is playing with a set of nesting cups. It takes her about thirty seconds to get it right. At first, she stacks a few of the smallest cups into the biggest cups.

When she tries to get the medium sized cups to fit, she realizes that she put the smaller cups in too soon. She rearranges the order several times before she finally gets it right. When she does, Clarissa and her mother erupt into celebratory screams. Clarissa even does a little jig.

Why It Matters

As Clarissa’s mother explained, the toddler has failed to reach a few developmental milestones. She has been going to therapy to help her catch up with average two-year-olds. In addition to the therapy, her family has been working with her at home. Obviously, everyone’s hard work has paid off. Watch the victory for yourself!


As can be seen in the video, Natalia didn’t help Clarissa at all. She reached this thrilling milestone all on her own. While having lots of fun, Clarissa is developing her critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The Internet Reacts

Between being adorable and having an inspiring story, it only makes sense that Clarissa’s cup stacking went viral. People around the world just couldn’t stop celebrating with the hardworking little girl.

Nearly 900,000 people have liked the post so far, including a few celebrities. The precious footage even became the clip of the day on Ellen DeGeneres’s ‘ellentube’ website at one point. Actress-singer Zendaya liked the original tweet, and Black Panther heartthrob Michael B. Jordan even commented on the post.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved