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Runaway Tortoise Outfitted With GPS Tracker To End His ‘Escape Artist Escapades’

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There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the family pet. A clever tortoise named Mikey has managed to evade his owners for up to months at a time. After successfully escaping hundreds of time from home, Mikey’s family decided they had no choice but to outfit their beloved pet with a GPS tracker.

Like A Ninja

Mikey, the tortoise, is quite the character, as he is one of 15 pets who reside in the Saxelby family’s home in Nottingham. Rosie Saxelby has had a tumultuous relationship with her tortoise over four years.

Like a disgruntled, grumpy-old-man, Mikey isn’t one for cuddling and always searches for a way to break out and venture on his own. Numerous escape-proof environments were constructed for Mikey, but somehow, the tortoise has managed to pull a vanishing act from all of them.

Mikey’s most extended getaway lasted for six whole months, and he was later found in the family garden sunbathing. Many times the distraught Saxelby family has been unsure whether the reptile would ever be seen again.

Gone In 60 Seconds

Don’t call Mikey a slowpoke. Despite being a tortoise, Mikey has managed to get away from his residence at the whopping speed of 65 yards an hour. Mikey has managed to go M.I.A. so many times, his 18-year-old owner, Rosie Saxelby, searched for the tortoise most days. Once the family had enough of the endless hide-and-go-seek games with Mikey, they buckled down and outfitted the tortoise with a tracking device. With the aid of satellites, Rosie, her parents, and siblings finally ensured that Mikey would not easily go missing.

Tagged And Tracked

Mikey didn’t seem overjoyed about his new tracking device, but Rosie had this to say about the determined tortoise, ” He manages to burrow under the fence, climb over the fence or squeeze through small gaps onto the open fields as we live on a smallholding surrounded by horse fields.” If it weren’t for the disruption of GPS technology, Mikey’s finesse for disappearing would have proved worthy of being a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved