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Touching Moments Caught On Camera That Will Make You Cry

There are moments in life which are so touching we simply can’t put them into words. Well, as the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Here are five extremely moving photos to make your heart a little fuller and remind you that the world can be a wonderful place.

Kindness From A Stranger

Acts of kindness are the most meaningful on bad days. One Imgur user shared a tender moment she experienced when a stranger reached out to comfort her, saying, “I was crying in my car when I look up to see this on my hood. Some people are so kind. Thank you, dear stranger.”


A Lot Of Life At This Party

One Reddit user shared this unforgettable and heartwarming moment of his great-grandmother’s 102nd birthday. It would be pretty difficult to capture in words that look of joy and gratitude on her beaming face, as she stands before her beautiful birthday cake, surrounded by the people who love her.


A Chance To Order Alone

One girl took to Twitter to share a special moment during a trip out to eat with her blind sister. According to the user, “My sister has been in this world for 18 years and today is the first time she has been offered a braille menu at a restaurant.”


Something To Fawn Over

One user on Imgur shared an aww-worthy moment that happened to his parents. According to him, “The nice old lady next door left this note on my parents front door.”

One morning, they awoke to find this warning from a good samaritan which ultimately saved a deer’s life.


Sacrifice For Others

Finally, another Imgur user shared a tender moment which transcends generational boundaries. As he recounts the story, “A little girl… asked my veteran grandpa… if he would do it all again.” Without a moment’s hesitation, the soldier replied, “Yes, for you.” Talk about a sentiment that pulls at the heartstrings.


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