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Transgender Teen Crowned Homecoming King After Being Forced Out Of Previous School

In what may have been a blessing in disguise 17-year-old Stiles Zuschlag, from Lebanon, Maine was given a choice between his transition and complying with school regulations.

He chose to go with his identity rather than commit to the school rules and ended up moving to a public school. His transfer to the local public school seems to be a benediction as he was given the distinction of Homecoming King during a football game.

The cheering crowd of students was as elated.  Zuschlag said: “I was really excited. I wanted to cry. I felt like I could excel no matter where I was.”

Zuschlag started his transition in early 2015 but kept it a secret. He used the same facilities as his female classmates in his previous school. The teen, however, was given an ultimatum by the school during summer because the school followed a strict belief system about sexual orientation to which the transgender teen deviated from.

Inside Edition tried to reach out to the local school but they refused to give a comment about their decision. Instead, they released a statement covered by Bangor Daily News.

“To protect the privacy of our families, TCCA admissions decision and any reason for these various decisions, are not considered matters of public disclosure. Therefore, we have no comment. Thank you.”

The media outlet reported that Zuschlag is the class valedictorian with a 3.89 GPA.

Education attorney and New Hampshire District 2 Executive Counselor Andre Volinsky made the school’s move clear by saying that “religious schools such as TCCA can legally ask a student to leave regardless of whether it receives federal money.”

“In this day and age, the rights of a religious school are paramount to the rights of a student who goes there because the student always has the remedy of going to another school,” Volinsky continued.

Zuschlag’s new school welcomed him with open arms even asking him which bathroom and locker room he preferred to use. He said: “They care.”

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