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#TrashTag: How A Meme Is Making The World Cleaner One Post At A Time

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Social media has the power to spread ideas like wildfire. Although the silliest ideas usually get the most attention, there are times when hashtags and trending topics really make an impact on the world. The viral Ice Bucket Challenge raised over $100 million to find a cure for ALS. Now, a #trashtag is taking the world by storm. When @Baxxo25 of Reddit posted a before and after picture of a man posing in a littered area, a meme and movement began.

Making A Difference

The basic premise of the #trashtag is for a social media user to find an outdoor area that is full of litter. First, take a picture yourself posing in the area surrounded by the trash. Next, help your community and the environment by cleaning things up. Finally, take a picture of the results of your hard work.


People all over the world have been inspired by these pictures to clean up the areas around them. Many social media users are getting groups of volunteers together to clean up beaches, parks, and other neglected landscapes.

Some Of The Results

People are becoming involved in the movement in a variety of ways. A beach in Mumbai looked like a landfill before one man spent hundreds of hours removing tons of trash from the area.


Some people are even getting creative by turning the trash they find into art or recycling the items. You might even find something valuable will helping your community and the environment.

The Man Behind The Meme

Byron Roman started this trend. He got the idea from a friend of his who made a similar post in Spanish. He cleaned up his surroundings and made his own post in English. When he referred to his actions as “challenge,” the Internet got involved.


Finally, @Baxxo25 shared Roman’s post on Reddit, spreading it to even more people. The movement, originally posted in the r/wholesomememes subreddit, is proving that any one of us can do something small to help make the world a better place.

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