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Donald Trump Reacts to SNL Alec Baldwin’s Parody of His First Press Conference

The man who is going to be president in a matter of hours from now took to Twitter to share his disgust with SNL and Alec Baldwin for pulling punches on him. Alec Baldwin and SNL don’t seem to be backing down on their onslaught on the president-elect even after he won the election.

As always, Alec Baldwin put on some orange makeup and a blonde wig to appear as President-elect Donald Trump. In the parody, Alec Baldwin stands on a podium and takes several questions from ‘reporters.’ He begins his address by answering the ‘question on everybody’s mind’, he then goes on to say ‘this is really happening. On Jan 20, I, Donald Trump, will be the 45th president of America.’

The parody goes on to mock the uninspiring performances at Trump’s inauguration, and then the fake Donald Trump faces embarrassing questions on some ‘golden showers’ report. He attempts to avoid the question saying that he doesn’t want to talk about ‘pee pee,’ and hints on a ‘pee party’ that had happened in Moscow. He promises that the country will be ‘showered’ with jobs because he is a ‘major whiz at jobs.’

The fake Donald Trump then promises to replace the ‘controversial’ Obamacare with a policy he heard is called ‘Affordable Care Act.’ Affordable Care Act and the Obamacare are actually one and the same thing, but the fake Donald Trump didn’t seem to understand as much, or he thought the real Donald Trump isn’t aware of the same.

As the sketch draws to its close, a rogue-like, bald and shirtless Beck Bennet, going by the name Wolf Blitzer but intending to act as Vladimir Putin asks Donald Trump if he is sure Russia masterminded the hacking. The mock Vladimir Putin holds up a certain videotape written ‘Pee Pee Tape.’ He then goes on to ask ’But are you really, really, really sure?’, and to which ‘Donald Trump’ responded, ‘It was China… I mean Canada…err it was Meryl Streep!’

Donald Trump couldn’t get a grip on himself, and, seething with fury, the Real Trump came out guns blazing in condemnation of the sketch, as well as having some few choice words for the entire SNL production on Twitter. ‘Saturday Night Live is NBC’s worst,’ wrote the real Donald Trump. ‘Not funny, cast is terrible….really bad television.’

In the recent past, Donald Trump has been trying to ward off suspicions and allegations brought forth in a certain ‘Russian Dossier’- and the questions have dominated the headlines recently.

It seems the storm Donald Trump is in is not going to subside anytime soon, for as long as questions of Russia involvement in the US elections are unanswered.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved