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TV Series Finales That Left Fans Furious

TV Series Finales

TV watching is no trivial matter. Whether binge watching series after series or faithfully waiting for the new episodes every week, people become invested in their shows. So when the time time comes for a show’s final curtain to be pulled, viewers anxiously hope that the writers created the ultimate ending and provided answers to all the biggest questions. However, sometimes a show’s last episode isn’t quite what the audience expected, ruining what was otherwise a great series and leaving viewers even more confused than before. So, hold onto your hats and buckle your seat belts because you’re about rediscover TV series finales that left fans furious. WARNING: There will be some serious spoilers!

1. Pretty Little Liars

Even the most avid fans, who endured seven whole season of Pretty Little Liars, found the finale rather confusing to say the least. Not even the biggest fans could have foreseen the final twist which revealed A.D.’s true identity.

TV Series Finales

Yes, that’s right. A.D. is none other than (spoiler alert!) Alex Drake, Spencer’s evil twin. Also, why the heck are Aria and Ezra still together by the end of the show if their relationship borders on creepy and criminal?! By the end of the show, fans didn’t even care much because they were too wrapped up in the confusion.

2. No Tomorrow

As the title of the series suggests, there’s no time to waste! This probably isn’t the best approach to take when ending an already short-lived show, but that’s all fans got. The finale simply ties up some loose ends and offers an explanation about the asteroid headed for earth instead of a reveal.

TV Series Finales

Fans learn the truth through a series of messages on the screen, and yes, the asteroid does hit Earth! However, nothing gets destroyed save for a few poor cows. It seems way too convenient that all the characters made it out alive. Hank and Deirdre have a baby in the bunker, Kareema and Sofia are still together, Evie starts working for Doctors Without Borders, Xavier writes a book, and at the very last moment, Evie and Xavier reunite.

3. The Good Wife

The Good Wife was such a fantastic show, so it was even more of a letdown that the series finale was just plain bad. Everyone was excited to witness Alicia Florrick come out on top with her well-deserved happily ever after, but sadly, just the opposite happened.

TV Series Finales

All of Florrick’s hard work gets tossed out the window when the jury can’t reach a verdict and Diane Lockhart backs out on entering the plea deal. The viewers also don’t receive any kind of solid resolution about Florrick’s love life. The writers, however, foresaw the backlash they’d face from fans so they released a video explanation following the airing of the finale to “smooth” things out a bit.

4. Hannibal

Here we have another show that just didn’t live up to the original classic. It seemed like the writer Bryan Fuller knew he was up for a losing battle, so he created episodes basically doomed for failure with unrealistic cliffhangers and bizarre plots.

TV Series Finales

Most viewers wanted to learn how Fuller’s demented scheme plays out and what becomes of the central love story between Hannibal and Will Graham in the last episode “Wrath of the Lamb,” but instead, the series finale ends with both of them falling off the edge of a cliff.

5. Mad Men

This is a tough one to swallow because the finale is just terrible for a show that packed so many unbelievable punches. The finale tried to tie up the stories of Joan, Peggy, and Don, but only one of them gets a real ending.

TV Series Finales

Peggy gets a great ending and lands up in love with Stan, while Joan and Richard’s relationship ends badly with Richard rejecting her. The biggest letdown is with Don. He doesn’t rush home to dying Betty (although that is expected of him). And what was up with the final scene?! All fans get is a meditating Don smiling before the show cuts to the iconic 1971 “Hilltop” Coke advertisement featuring the song “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.” We’d say a revival of Mad Men to fix up the ending is a must!

6. Two and a Half Men

The finale of Two and a Half Men is definitely a case of the creator Chuck Lorre settling the score card against his former star, Charlie Sheen. When Sheen left the show in 2011 the viewers followed suit, but then rumors starting springing up of Lorre and Sheen burying the hatchet so that Sheen would return for the series finale.

TV Series Finales

Sheen’s character was presumed dead until the finale, when it’s revealed that he was being held captive by his stalker Rose the whole time. The final scene pans in on Sheen ringing the doorbell at the beach house (sadly, it’s just a stunt double) only for a piano to fall out the sky officially killing off his character. To make matters worse, the camera cuts to Lorre who facetiously says, “Winning,” and then a final frame explaining how the producers wanted to end the show but couldn’t because Sheen wouldn’t agree. Quite a senseless way to end a 12-season hit show!

7. True Blood

Fans were all over True Blood because it embraced everything about the vampire craze that the Twilight Saga just didn’t. HBO took the meaning of blood, sex, and vampires very seriously over the seven-season run — so much so that no one seemed to care after a while.

TV Series Finales

“Thank You,” the series finale, left a lot of fans wishing they had never started watching the show in the first place. All the relationships that mattered during the show boiled down to nothing, topped off by senseless gory details, a meaningless marriage, and the anticlimax of Bill and Sookie’s romance. He simply asks her to kill him, there’s a flash-forward to her happily married and eating dinner, and then she kills him. Now, that’s not what you expect from a vampire ending!

8. How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is one of those shows die hard fans can watch over and over again in loops because of how smartly written it is. The show kept viewers on their toes with all the tiny details which keep returning throughout the series, so fans were really heartbroken when they learned Season 9 would be the last.

TV Series Finales

The season finale, which takes place over Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend, is just terrible and dragged out. Yes, that’s 24 episodes for one wedding that doesn’t even work out in the end. Ted spends nine seasons telling his kids the story of how he met their mother, only for her to die without getting to meet her. Oh, and how about learning that Ted and Robin belong together when the entire show convinced fans that they don’t belong together?!

9. Misfits

Kudos to the fans who stuck it out for five whole seasons because this British series became rather ridiculous to say the least with all those super powers. The twisted plot and all the changes in the cast definitely didn’t make for easy-watching. Unfortunately for those who did ride the storm, the finale is rather dreary.

TV Series Finales

The ending of the show focused way too much on Rudy instead of dealing with the plight of all the other main characters and all their super powers. Fans never discover if Luke will launch women into the future in order to give them children. Moreover, how in the world did he know Jess would get pregnant by a stranger? It was all very out of character for her.

10. Breaking Bad

The sheer drama and intense story of Walt’s journey from a scientist dying of cancer to a formidable drug lord made Breaking Bad one of the most compelling series of all time. The series finale, however, left fans with a question rather than a resolution.

TV Series Finales

AMC’s hit show ties up the ending in an all-too-perfect way, but there is one question fans were left with: did Walt deserve everything that happened to him? The key element that’s also left out of the finale is Walt’s final moment of self-reckoning with this very question. Instead, he commits suicide so he doesn’t have to reflect on such a question.

11. Dexter

Dexter started out strong and maintained a positive reception throughout the run of the show. People seemed to enjoy watching a serial killer murder the bad guys while stealthily covering up his dark side by working for the fictitious Miami Metro Police department.

TV Series Finales

The pinnacle of the show’s success was Season 4’s finale in 2009, but after that, the show began to lose its momentum. The show’s ending, however, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. When the beloved serial killer, a.k.a. Dexter Morgan, suddenly becomes a peaceful lumberjack (yes, the axe is only used to cut down wood and not heads), then you know something is off. In fact it is so off that Michael C. Hall, the star behind the character, admitted that he didn’t watch finale.

12. Gossip Girl

If fashion and gossip are your thing, then Gossip Girl was the go-to show, filled with all the drama of Manhattan’s elite teenagers and the anonymous internet gossip blogger stirring up trouble. All six seasons revolve around the characters trying to figure out who is divulging all their dirty secrets.

TV Series Finales

Despite all the rumors about who Gossip Girl is, the series finale came with the biggest twist of all: (spoiler alert!!!) it’s a he and not a she. The twist turns out to be rather disturbing because when everyone discovers that it’s in fact Dan Humphries, they recall the intimate details he divulged about his own family and girlfriends. Most fans were hoping for Blair’s maid Dorota to be Gossip Girl.

13. Weeds

Weeds is another Showtime series that gained tremendously great momentum, but ended as quite the flop because viewers lost interest fast. Perhaps if the show ended earlier than it did, all the issues with the plot could have been averted.

TV Series Finales

The finale transports viewers eight years into the future to see what becomes of the Botwins, but most critics brushed it off as a very mediocre way of tying up loose ends. Yes, it did strike a nostalgic chord to share in the characters smoking one last joint together on a snowy porch to the original opening theme song, but not even that could mask the very dull ending.

14. The Hills

For a reality television series, The Hills ran for quite a while, with six seasons focusing on the lives and careers of young women from Los Angeles. The show kicked off following the career of fashion designer Lauren Conrad, who was previously on the reality show Laguna Beach (much of what The Hills is based on), and continues with other women from Laguna, Kristen Cavalleri and Brody Jenner.

TV Series Finales

MTV/Daily Mail

The finale ruins everything about the reality of “reality shows” because when Cavalleri and Jenner hug goodbye at the end, viewers can see a giant Hollywood sign dropping behind them revealing how the show was just filmed in a studio and completely scripted. Surprise, Surprise!

15. FlashForward

FlashForward starts off with a great premise: the FBI has to investigate how and what caused everyone in the world to black out, only for them to wake up with a short vision of their futures. This sounds like quite the high-concept drama, but the show ended quickly and fans were left with nothing but a cliffhanger.

TV Series Finales

Tensions were high in the series finale when a second blackout occurs followed by flashbacks showing what happens to the major characters. Suddenly the FBI building explodes with Mark inside, but that’s where it ends. No one will ever know if he survived or not!

16. Lost

Fans waited with bated breath for a very long time to have all their questions answered about the mysterious island and all the crazy episodes along the way. For such a twisted show, viewers expected an even more twisted series finale.

TV Series Finales

It was as if the writers of the show wanted to pick the most unpredictable ending, which actually turned out to be the worst ending possible. The finale jumps to another story line in which the characters live in an alternate universe and the plane crash never happens, and ends with the characters in church. Basically, the writers leave it up to the viewers’ interpretation, but it seems like either the characters are all stuck in a state of purgatory, or that it’s always just been a dream of one of the surviving characters.

17. Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies was one of those shows with an untimely demise and an unresolved mysterious conclusion. It seemed like things were just getting started in the second season, only for the writers to dash everyone’s expectations and quite literally leave fans on a doorstep.

TV Series Finales

The show ends with Ned and Chuck on her aunt’s doorstep to reveal that she’s been alive the whole time. While the epilogue does answer some questions, viewers never really get to see how Ned explains himself to Chuck’s family.

18. Battlestar Galactica

The 2004 version of the science fiction military show was released as a re-imagining of the original 1978 Battlestar Galactica TV series. The show ran for four seasons with a large and dedicated following, so viewers expected a well-rounded ending complete with answers.

TV Series Finales

Lo and behold, the only thing the fans were left with was a cop-out answer: that a higher power, a.k.a. God, is in control of everything. Fans declared this the easy way out for the writers who didn’t want to provide actual answers to everything that takes place in the series. The ending reportedly ruined the entire show for some furious fans, which was not the best way for writers to bid farewell.

19. The Sopranos

The finale of The Sopranos is possibly the most famous series finale because viewers called in to their cable companies to check if there was an issue when the black screen popped up. That is, until everyone realized they were indeed watching the same confusing conclusion to the show.

TV Series Finales

Instead of a dramatic ending, David Chase left it up the audience to decide whether Tony is shot and killed when he’s sitting having dinner with his family. Many fans found this a lousy way to end such a brilliant show, while others thought it absolutely perfect.

20. Game of Thrones

Few shows can match the magnitude of the worldwide phenomenon that was Game of Thrones. Over its eight-year reign, the gritty fantasy series drew record numbers of viewers to HBO. Masterful writing and horrifying, jaw-dropping plot twists left heads spinning — and craving even more. Fans held their breath anxiously for two years, wondering who of their beloved favorites would survive.

tv series finales

HBO/Helen Sloan

Then along came Season 8 — and the Internet seethed with rage. It was perceived by furious viewers and critics as being plagued by sloppy and simplistic writing, character choices that made no sense, and rushed plot lines that torpedoed any character development. By the time the final episode aired, many longtime fans had already given up, too exasperated to care who would take the throne.

21. Gilmore Girls

The original Gilmore Girls season finale “Bon Voyage” left fans extremely unhappy over the ending and how the entire season played out. In fact, Season 7 was a considered one of the least-liked seasons because show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and producer Daniel Palladino left the show due to behind-the-scenes disputes.

TV Series Finales

The worst part of it all is that Sherman-Padallino always knew how she wanted the series to end, even down to the last sentence, so that just added more fuel to the fire for outraged fans. After years of complaints about the finale, Netflix joined forces with her for the 2016 A Year in the Life sequel of the show. Fans were definitely more satisfied with the originally-planned cliffhanger ending where viewers get to decide the outcome for themselves. There are also rumors of a second revival for another series finale.

22. The King of Queens

For nine seasons, audiences were kept entertained by the sheer hilarity that was The King of Queens. The realistic depiction of marriage and its ups and downs made for an excellent and heartwarming show, but then the finale kind of ruined it all.

TV Series Finales

The finale was very overdone and ends with a stereotypical and seemingly unrealistic cliche. After years of trying to conceive, Doug and Carrie Hefferman decide to adopt, only to find out Carrie is pregnant while on the airplane to meet their adopted child.

23. Deadwood

This is another case where fans were left feeling very uneasy about and ending that wasn’t really an ending after all. The mining mogul George Hearst is out for revenge after Trixie impulsively shoots him to avenge the killing of the good-hearted Ellsworth. This, of course, leads to Hearst’s attempt at ousting Trixie.

TV Series Finales

However, Hearst is too busy looking at Trixie’s chest and wounded body that he doesn’t realize he’s been fooled and that the body isn’t Trixie’s. In fact, Al, Bullock, and Star sacrifice an innocent woman they don’t care about to use as a body double for Trixie. It might work as an ending, but fans weren’t that impressed.

24. Star Trek: Enterprise

Brace yourselves for this one because the finale of Star Trek: Enterprise isn’t actually the ending of the show, but rather a prequel to the pilot episode of 1987’s The Next Generation. Actress Jolene Blalock even warned fans before the episode was aired, saying that the episode was not in fact an ending to the show.

TV Series Finales

The so-called finale was met with so much consternation, that the studio had to hold a press conference to calm down the fans of the show. Moreover, the death of Commander Tucker also caused a lot of drama. In other words, this is an example of how not to end a show.

25. Friends

Ah Friends, a show we can all watch till we’re gray and old! After 10 long and entertaining seasons, the series finale gave off the feeling that everyone involved just wanted to finally be done with it. This might be the reason why the finale was somewhat very average.

TV Series Finales

The ending of the show is tied up with a rather cute little bow that shows Ross and Rachel ending up together after Ross’s mad dash to the airport. Fans felt that to be rather uninteresting, and to top that off, the cast looked rather tired as they join one another for that last cup of coffee in the empty apartment

26. Sex and the City

Hmmm, the ending of Sex and the City sparked up a lot of debate, especially concerning the protagonist of the show, Carrie Bradshaw. Fans felt that the finale went against what viewers came to know and love about Bradshaw. For them, the ending kind of went against the idea of choosing women and friendships over men.

TV Series Finales

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda take on New York City hand-in-hand priding themselves on their careers and friendships, only for Carrie to land up with Mr. Big in the end after all the times it didn’t work between them. Some found it endearing, while other viewers found that it negated the girl power the show advocated for all six seasons. The follow-up movies also didn’t change the perspective on Carrie, with some fans calling her even weaker for getting married.

27. Beverly Hills 90210

After 10 seasons, Fox called it quits for the beloved show Beverly Hills 90210 in 2000. However, the ending was somewhat questionable. David and Donna tie the knot, while Kelly finally ends up in a relationship with Dylan when it seemed more likely for her to just move on with her life.

TV Series Finales

90210 Wikia

What made the finale even more intriguing and disappointing was that Brandon Walsh doesn’t bother to return to wish his friends well, and instead leaves a video message. That’s not the warm fuzzy ending you’d expect from one of the most seemingly loved shows.

28. Seinfeld

Seinfeld isn’t known as the ultimate TV show of all time for nothing, and that’s probably because it’s a show about nothing. After nine years on the air, viewers expected an incredible send-off and were on the edges of their seats speculating how the show would conclude. There were even rumors that Jerry and Elaine would marry and that Newman would end up in hospital.

TV Series Finales

The finale ended up just poking fun at old characters. To everyone’s dismay, the episode concludes with the gang sentenced to prison terms after a lengthy trial for breaking the “Good Samaritan Law.” This is definitely not how Seinfeld fans wanted to part from their favorite characters.

29. Roseanne

The Conners filled up a special place in the hearts of most Americans for nine years. Everyone related to this average working-class family because of the show’s realistic portrayal of life and all that goes with it. This unfortunately changed when the plot took a drastic turn in the show’s final season.

TV Series Finales

Roseanne took a weird turn after the Conners won the lottery in the final season in 1997. The audience didn’t know it until the end, but Season 9 was actually all a figment of Roseanne’s imagination. She falls into a deep depression because Dan actually didn’t survive the heart attack he suffered at Darlene’s wedding at the end of Season 8. This drastic twist is so extremely depressing that ABC will be releasing a 10th season revival of the series with the original cast on March 27, 2018.

30. My So-Called Life

The ’90s wouldn’t have been the same without this compelling and realistic show that tackled issues such as sex, drugs, and homosexuality. Most teens loved following Angela Chase work her way through the trials and tribulations of the teen years and the social echelons of high school.

TV Series Finales

The bummer is that this My So-Called Life only ran for one season and the ending is just, well, disappointing. The fact that Chase lands up with Jordan Catalano left fans really angry because she spends the entire season chasing her own dreams and looking out for herself.

31. Dinosaurs

Another iconic series of the ’90s, Dinosaurs, is an amalgamation of hearty humor with a dark side sprinkled in. However, viewers definitely get the shorter end of the stick at the conclusion of the show because of the heart wrenching finale.

TV Series Finales

Was it absolutely necessary to relive the fact that dinosaurs didn’t survive on Earth? For the sake of comedy, couldn’t the dinosaurs survive? Unfortunately, the answer is no and series ends with the dad, Earl Sinclair, admitting that because of the terrible mistake he made, everyone is going to die. What a sad ending to a great show!

32. Quantum Leap

Would Dr. Sam Beckett finally make the giant leap back home after five seasons for that neat, happy ending? That’s the pressing question all Quantum Leap fans wanted resolved after traveling with him through different time periods and from place to place.

TV Series Finales

The series finale is a complete letdown for two reasons. Well, first things first, the ending wasn’t supposed to actually be the series finale. NBC decided to turn the last episode into the finale after it was already filmed with a simple add-on stating that Sam didn’t return home, which brings us to the second thing. Yes, Sam never returns home because he’s stuck in an interminable purgatorial cycle of forever leaping around. God tells Sam he could have gone home the entire time, but the note in the final scene shows that he’ll never get there. Ummm…okay then!

33. St. Elsewhere

The Emmy-award winning show St. Elsewhere entertained audiences for six seasons filled with a balance of medical drama and macabre comedy. However, the hit TV show left many fans feeling uneasy and confounded when it came to an end in 1988.

TV Series Finales

How would you feel if you watched for six long years, only to discover that what you were watching wasn’t real? Yes, St. Elsewhere is apparently the product of the fictional character Tommy Westphall’s imagination and how he draws inspiration from a snow globe as a child. To confuse things even further, the finale hints at other TV shows St. Elsewhere overlaps with, which in turn leads to conspiracy theories about whether they are also just a figment of Westphall’s imagination.

34. Mork & Mindy

Mork & Mindy is a pretty wacky show, and that’s no surprise with a comedic genius like Robin Williams on the show. However, the three-part series finale got seriously out of hand and a little too kooky to keep up with.

TV Series Finales

The ending has quite a dark trope with Mork and Mindy battling it out with an alien who sends robots to Mindy’s apartment to try and blow up Mork. Then things get even funkier when the pair travel back in time with a pair of time travel shoes, only for them to get stuck in a prehistoric age and vortex. The viewers, however, never learn whether Mork and Mindy get out because the show ends with them in the vortex. What a letdown!

35. Charlie’s Angels

The original Charlie’s Angels is a true classic, chock full of smart women kicking butt and sporting some iconic wavy hairstyles. In the finale, however, the three Angel babes don’t get much butt-kicking done at all in what ends in a total massacre.

TV Series Finales

In the last scene of the series finale, Bosley just stands by while Kelly gets shot in the head. The Angels then rush to the hospital where nothing happens at all and they just sit around. Instead of ending the show off with a bang, all the action you get is of flashbacks of the show.

36. Felicity

The case of Felicity might not really deserve to be on this list, but this unique case is worth mentioning anyway. After the show’s finale was already written and filmed, the studio decided to add on five more episodes despite the original perfect ending.

TV Series Finales

What ended up happening was that Felicity traveled a year back into the past, just so she could change the future. This made the arc of the story feel a bit slapped together and messed with the trajectory of the original finale. However, in the end, the series managed to end with a neat little bow wrapped around it as planned (despite the slight detour).

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