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Live Tweets of Little Bro’s First Date Will Melt Your Heart

Would you want your older brother to be chaperoning your first date? Most people would utterly die from embarrassment, but for 16-year-old Keneil Morgan, he happily invited his brother, Kingsley, to join in on the fun. Kingsley used this opportunity to troll his brother by live-tweeting the night, resulting in hilarious tweets you will need to read for yourself!

The First Tweet

In recent years, Kingsley taught Keneil to be a perfect gentleman. When he heard his brother made plans to cook dinner for his date, Kingsley happily volunteered to prepare the girl’s favorite dish, even though Kingsley was a little nervous to be involved in his brother’s first date. His first tweet read: “My little brother has a crush on this girl and he invited her over for dinner. I’m the chef and i’m geeked af!”


A Delicious Dinner Date

Kingsley cooked coconut-curried chicken and lemongrass white rice–tweaking the girl’s favorite dish with his own variation. Did she like it? You bet! “She loved the food! said it’s the best curried chicken she ever had. Then she asked who came up with the idea to put lemongrass in rice? I said Keneil (my lil bro) did it one day and we liked it.” Then the night continued and Kingsley was there to document the whole thing, including trolling his brother for a photo of the couple…

Kingsley Morgan via Twitter

A Hug Or Kiss?

Kingsley finally managed to get a photo of the couple and he couldn’t stop laughing at his brother’s awkward behavior toward the girl. “They sat in the living room after dinner and talked for a bit. They got close at one point and I saw him lean in…for a hug. Bruh, I swore he was going for the kiss.” But, Keneil’s shy behavior ended up being cute in his date’s eyes…

Kingsley Morgan via Twitter

A Successful Date

The girl seemed to like Keneil’s polite behavior and even though Kingsley was poking fun at his brother, he loved watching his younger brother treat the girl properly. “He asked me to take her home. He opened the door for her (just like I taught him) and they giggled in the back all the way to her house.” When Keneil returned home, he couldn’t keep a smile off his face. Kingsley was so proud of his brother and couldn’t wait to share his pride on social media…


A Throwback Picture

At the end of Kingsley’s tweets, he shared a throwback photo of the two brothers from when they were younger, comparing it to a recent photo. He wrote, “Such an appropriate time to post this pic. I’m incredibly honoured to nurture him into a man.” Maybe it’s not so bad after all to have your brother be a chaperone!

Kingsley Morgan via Twitter

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