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Twins Reunite After Being Separated During WWI

On the other side of the planet, George Skrzynecky had been raised in California. Since the 1960’s, Skrzynecky had been aware of the fact that he had a younger twin brother, but the Red Cross was unsuccessful in finding evidence or any kinds of clues regarding his whereabouts.

Lucian Poznanski, is a man who has spent his entire life in Poland. “In my heart, I always had a feeling I did have a twin brother”, he stated. Poznanski was adopted as a baby, and was sent information about his birth mother only last year. During that same time, Poznanski discovered something about his past that was completely unbeknown to him before: he, indeed, had a long-lost twin brother.

Skrzynecky said that he had always wanted to know his family. He stated that he never lost hope. “I was always thinking, ‘One day, one day I’m gonna find my brother.’” 

Elizabeth, the twins’ mother, was pregnant with them when Germany invaded Poland and occupied the region. Elizabeth was then sent to a concentration camp, but her pregnancy became troubling and complicated when she became sick. She was released, and ended up in Kassel, Germany, the place where she gave birth to the twins. After the babies were taken from her, both were adopted by separate families. Following Elizabeth’s recovery, she sought out her children, but was never given information about their whereabouts, and never saw them again.

Poznanski discovered a good amount of information, and in 2014, he was soon able to track his older brother to California. When they finally got in touch, Poznanski decided that he needed to come to Poland to reunite with his twin brother. BBC was there to witness this precious moment.

Poznanski stated, “I don’t know how to say ‘Thank you.’ I’m so grateful to the Red Cross who helped me so much.” He then cried tears of gratitude and had love and contentment that could be seen in his eyes. Twins that reunite, are, indeed fortunate.



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