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Twitter Fires Back at Woman Telling Woman Over 130lbs Not to Wear Crop Tops

The internet can be a savage place where people can hide behind keyboards and judge others pretty much without repercussions. Well, one woman got more than she bargained for after sharing her pretty harsh opinion towards full-figured ladies!

Rules On Crop-Tops?

A Twitter user recently had the gall to tell other ladies not to wear crop tops or shorts if they were over a certain size. The cut-off? 130 pounds (59 kg).

Fashion Landscape

That’s funny, considering that the average woman in the U.S. is a size 16. What are those women supposed to do? Wear turtlenecks and long johns year-round to cover up? After the tweet picked up some traction, women from all over decided to speak out!

Other Ladies Fire Back

Annoyed by the user’s post (and others agreeing with the sentiment), ladies began sharing photos of themselves in crop tops. Most of the comments were from ladies that are over 130 pounds and proud of it! 

Twitter / Raynquility

One Twitter user, raynquility, shared a photo of her and her crop top with a confident pose. “Ok but how bout I do what I want?” she boldly replied to the original post. Another user, ttenikamariee, shared a pic of herself on the beach in a bikini. “This is my 165 lb body laughing @ you,” she wrote. Boom! 

Putting Body Shamers To Rest

This is just another great example of women across the globe pushing through unrealistic beauty standards! If a woman, no matter her size, is comfortable in her crop top and shorts, why should it matter to anyone else? They should know by now that body shamers will definitely be called out! 

Jessica Torres

It’s good to see women breaking these beauty stereotypes and wearing what they want. There isn’t anything wrong with every lady loving and flaunting the bodies they have, even in crop tops and shorts. So body shamers better beware because the rest of the internet is no longer having it!

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