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In Less Than A Day, Twitter Helped These Long-Lost Friends Find Each Other After 12 Years

Have you ever had someone who was part of your life for a brief, but intense, time? Briana, a college student from Mississippi definitely did. She met a girl on a dinner cruise over a decade ago. She lost touch but never forgot her companion.

The Magic Of The Internet

On a whim, she found an old photo of her friend. She posted it on Twitter to see if anyone could help her find the girl.

Bored Panda

Brianna didn’t know if her late night outreach would work. The magic of the Internet—and over 120,000 retweets—came through. In half a day, Internet followers reunited the girls online.

Bored Panda

In a further example of Internet magic, Heidi almost missed the reunion. She hadn’t been on Twitter for a while and just happened to sign on that day. What a coincidence!

Followers Get Emotional

Fans were genuinely touched. They found it wonderful.

Bored Panda

They cheered at the power of the Internet to accomplish anything. To add to the emotion, the reunion almost didn’t happen. Brianna’s long lost friend hadn’t been on Twitter for a while. It was a surprise to her to sign in and realize that so many people were looking for her.

The Internet’s Magic Continues

The positive force of the Internet was hard to stop. Many wanted this to proceed further and encouraged a reunion. And followers created a number of copycat posts asking the Internet to make them some luck of their own. People also asked to be connected to their favorite celebrities.

Bored Panda

Having heard of their story, talk show host Ellen Degeneres invited Heidi and Brianna on to her show show so they could reunite face-to-face. Now college students, the two have also received a $10,000 check from Shutterfly to go toward their educations. Whether or not they’ll stay in touch now, their accounts just goes to show the positive power of the Internet.

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