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Twitter Users Chime In On Thread About What Makes Them Smile, And It’s Bound To Brighten Your Day

When young adult author Rachel Griffin conducted a little survey earlier in December, it ended up getting 1,900 responses on Twitter. Rachel asked the world to tell her about the things that people who are special in their lives do to make them smile. The answers that were shared online Twitter may melt your heart and brighten your day.

Caturday Night Fever

The Internet can’t seem to let go of its obsession with cats. Thankfully, this little anecdote won’t leave you having to wait until Saturday for an update. One Twiter user, Alex Klimavich had a cute story to share about her husband.

Now and then, Alex will see her husband holding the cat and going through the house dancing. While the family feline and her hubby are busting a move from room to room, the husband sings his made-up song, “All The Things That Lenny Can See.” Adorable moments like this make Alex gush.

Banana Phone

According to Not Sara, every time she gets her hands on a banana, she likes to share a little joke with her partner. Before peeling the fruit, she tells her partner, “It’s for you.” No matter what their partner is doing, they don’t mind stopping to answer the call, every time.

Being silly with a significant other keeps things interesting, brings on the smiles, and breaks the monotony with a playful mood.

Snail Rescue

Twitter user SoCalGal9170 had an extraordinary story to share online that brings a smile to her face. Anytime it rains, her 12-year-old son makes an effort to pick up any snails that he sees. He transfers the snails to the grass to protect them from getting stepped on by any passerby.

Despite her child being a pre-teen, his dedication to protecting vulnerable creatures is such a pure moment. She’s happy to see how much her son cares for the natural world, and it gives us all hope for the future.

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