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The Twitterverse Is Sharing Some Of Their Most OMG Brain Fart Moments, And It’s Too Good

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Ever had a brain fart that was so funny that you just had to share it? Thanks to a Cambridge professor’s admission that he accidentally called a “photon” a “shiny crumb” in class, people are tweeting their most embarrassing synonym struggles. From misplacing the word for “banana” to blanking on your husband’s name, here are a few of our favorite synonym snafus.

Souper Funny

Have you ever been to a restaurant and spaced out on what you wanted to order? Twitter user @wesleymallin had the pleasure of witnessing his doctorate friend forget the word for “soup.”

It must have been hilarious to watch his super intelligent companion struggle to order a bowl of soup, especially when she described it as “a really REALLY wet salad.” In response, @CllrBarryLewis sarcastically suggested on Twitter, “A hot smoothie” would have worked.

Banana Republic

Twitter user @fisty shared a hilarious time when she forgot the word for “banana” during her pregnancy. When she tried to describe it to her former husband, she literally said, “It comes it its own case! It’s yellow!”

Educators everywhere must be face-palming themselves as a result of this funny phenomenon. Hopefully this woman didn’t end up homeschooling her child. “I have been repeating this one to people all day. I can’t handle it. It’s so perfect,” exclaimed @C_Rev on Twitter.

Space Case

Then there’s @cuigcead. She tweeted that she actually forgot her own husband’s name when introducing him to a bigwig at work. She quipped that the brain fart struck her despite the fact that she’d completed univeristy and received a Bachelor’s degree.

The simple truth is that brain farts can happen to anyone, no matter how smart you are. Empathizing with her, Twitter user @catechismcliche chimed in saying, “I forgot my mom’s name once and no one believes me when I tell that story.”

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