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Two Friends Go Viral On Twitter After Passing Adorable Note Asking Man If He’d Go On A Date With One Of Them

In the age of dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, the novelty of ‘making the first move’ has been somewhat lost with the impersonal swipes and opening gifs you might send to someone you find attractive. Many would have you believe the old fashion way of asking someone out is a lost art. But you would be wrong!

Going For It All

For Twitter user Cody, this discovery of a strangely adorable date request launched a chain of events that would not only go viral but change his life for the better. His experience documented through a series of tweets almost impossible to believe unless you read them.


“Well this was the highlight of my day,” Cody wrote along with a picture posted to Twitter showing a ripped piece of paper with the note “Hey if your not gay, my friend thinks your cute. Here’s her number ###-###-####. (And if you are gay, here’s mine: ###-###-####.”

Cody Makes His Choice

Despite poking some fun at his two mystery admirers for their slight grammatical error in forgetting a parenthesis, Cody had a choice to make. Though it would not be easy, he chose to text the bottom number.


Cody’s decision to reach out to the second number paid off, and a date was set up. Apart from turning into an instant Internet sensation, the adorable encounter would lead to more than one big development in his life.

A Successful Date And More

After some initial confusion around what movie to watch with his new date, a decision was made. “Sushi, plant store, and @Iliza. I had an amazing time with this guy.” Cody tweeted following a picture of the two with the now iconic ripped note he’d received.


After going viral with his story, Cody’s mother learned not only of his unique experience but that her son was gay. Cody summed it up by saying “My mom saw these tweets. She seems to be handling it okay.”  Bringing a touching end to this already sensational story.

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