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Two Gerber Babies — 90 Years Apart — Meet For Adorable Photo

History was made 90 years ago when Ann Turner Cook became the first spokes-baby for Gerber baby products. You probably recognize her face. Her iconic black-and-white portrait became the company’s official trademark in 1931, and her face will probably always be associated with the baby food and products company.

Even though Cook is the official face of Gerber, new generations are being added as spokes-babies— including one-year-old Lucas Warren.

The Newest Gerber Baby

In 2010, Gerber started a new tradition of allowing parents to submit photos of their children to find an official “spokes-baby of the year.” Once selected, the winner is featured in advertisements throughout the year. This year’s Gerber baby, beating out over 140,000 entries, made headlines for something that has been long overdue.

Gerber/Cortney Warren via

One-year-old Lucas Warren gained attention by becoming Gerber’s first spokes baby with Down’s syndrome. It was finally time to add more diversity to the company’s brand, and Lucas was happily welcomed into the Gerber family.

Meeting Each Other

When the Warren family was vacationing in Florida earlier this month, they couldn’t pass up an opportunity to meet Cook. This is probably the most adorable meet-and-greet you will ever see!

@chriscolin3000 via Twitter

Gerber helped arrange the meeting, eager to connect two history-making Gerber families born 90 years apart. No one could stop smiling at the meeting!

Sharing The Photos

The meet-and-greet was too adorable not to share on social media. However, this is not just an adorable photo, but also a timeless photo that Gerber will certainly cherish for many years into the future— comparing the new generation of Gerber babies to the company’s original spokes baby.

Because people love reading stories like this, Cook’s grandson, Chris Colin, decided to post a picture of the two Gerber babies on social media. The photograph quickly spread, being shared over 5,000 times. Hopefully, Gerber will continue to celebrate diversity with its future spokes babies!

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