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These Two Loving Sisters Are Total Opposites And Twitter Is Loving It

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Though siblings may have grown up together in the same home, they often grow to have different personalities and quirks. The same is true of these two sisters. Alexandra Bishop and her older sister, Jessica Toutant, are on completely opposite sides of the personality spectrum. Alexandra even posted the pictures online to prove it. The sisters quickly went viral with people absolutely loving their unique styles and tastes.

Polar Opposites

In a series of photos on Twitter, Alexandra showed just how different she was from her sister. She first shared a picture of herself as a straight-haired brunette with glasses next to Jessica who has wavy, rainbow-colored hair. “My sister and I are polar opposites,” Alexandra tweeted. She continued the thread showcasing that their houses are different too. In a split-screened photo of the houses, Alexandra shared that she’s a bit introverted with a doormat that reads “Go Away” with a tiny coffin next to it. Meanwhile, Jessica’s backyard has a fire pit, an inflatable pool with a floating rainbow unicorn, and a rainbow-colored fence. Alexandra is comfortable in her black outfits, while Jessica loves dressing in colorful attire. Alexandra also shared a picture of their vastly different living rooms. “My sister’s living room vs my living room,” she tweeted. Jessica’s living has a bright green wall with a matching couch and decorative, colorful pillows. Meanwhile, Alexandra’s living room contains brown and black hues and gothic-inspired art.”She’s more of a hippie/Yoga Barbie,” Alexandria told of her big sis. “She has always been the bright, bubbly, sun-worshipping one while I’ve always been the quiet reserved one who hates the sun and loves to wear black.” The two sisters have an eight-year age difference between them (Alexandra is 25 and Jessica is 33), and Alexandra shared that that is part of the reason why they’re so different. “Jessica and I have a pretty big age gap, so we naturally have been interested in different things,” she told Buzzfeed. “Our style only became drastically different when we became adults and started dressing how we truly wanted.”

Going Viral

After posting the photos online, Alexandra was surprised when her thread was quickly seen and retweeted by so many people online. The thread in total has garnered over 4,000 comments, 107,000 retweets, and 673,000 likes. “Having a tweet go viral, this tweet specifically, was just weird,” she told Metro UK. “It was something I posted because it was funny and I had happened to see my sister today then I check Twitter and chaos ensued. It’s helping my art sales which is a huge plus!” Twitter reactions varied as people found comedy but also authenticity in the sisters’ individual styles. Because users are so creative, they came up with some interesting comparison to describe Alexandra and Jessica.

Finding Common Ground

Though there’s a big age gap between these sisters and they have completely different tastes, Alexandra shared that the two have a great relationship. They even have some similarities. “We get along really well and have the same taste in movies, television shows, and share similar views on life,” Alexandra shared with Yahoo Lifestyle, adding that they only bickered as children when she would mess with Jessica’s clothing and nail polish. “I was just that annoying little sister growing up.” Alexandria is more of the reserved creative type, doing freelance work as a makeup artist, sculptor, painter, and illustrator. Jessica is an outgoing yoga instructor with her own henna business. The two sisters also work together at an adult foster care home for the mentally ill. It’s nice to see that, in spite of their differences, they are still able to come together as loving sisters.

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