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Tyra Banks Scraps the Age Limit for the Show ‘America’s Next Top Model’

Are you an aspiring model with the desire to audition for the show America’s Next Top Model? Two weeks after being reappointed the host for the show, Tyra Banks revealed that she is doing away with the upper age limit that initially barred many aspiring models from being contestants of the show America’s Next Top Model. This essentially means that aspiring models are no longer required to fall between the age of 18-27. So far, 23 cycles of the show have aired and the new changes come into effect from cycle 24 onwards. If you plan to audition for the famous show America’s Next Top Model, it no longer matters how old you are.

tyra banks

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Apart from the scrapping of the age limit of America’s Next Top Model, the show also experienced significant changes spanning the 14-year period it has been run. In some previous shows, models with heights under 5 feet and 7 inches could audition for the show even though this was the height requirement for models in the US. Male contestants were also featured in a number of episodes, which initially didn’t happen in the earlier 19 seasons.

tyra banks

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However, the gorgeous TV star still maintained that the same criteria will be applied to choose the winner. Consequently, aspiring contenders must impress the judges with a smize (slang meaning smiling with the eyes), among other things. Tyra quipped that contestants must learn to smize, which in her own expression means that models must smile with their eyes and not their mouths and learn how to effectively work the runway like true supermodels. The 43-year old Banks made it public last month that she will make a comeback as a presenter and judge for the show America’s Next Top Model. Despite this, the official judging panel for the upcoming series are yet to be revealed. VH1 revealed in March that the renowned TV personality would be making a comeback to the reality show after taking a break that lasted a year.

tyra banks

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Tyra Banks is the creator and producer of America’s Next Top Model and served as the host for the first 22 seasons. Rita Ora hosted cycle 23 and Tyra’ fiercely loyal fans are excited about her return, as her absence was felt deeply. Tyra is expected to return and anchor the forthcoming season24 of ANTM. She is already hard at work just to make sure the show is off the chain.

It is also worth noting that Tyra Banks will also host the new series of the show America’s Got Talent alongside Mel B, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel.

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