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Uber Driver Rises To Internet Fame For Passenger Menu Offering An Array Of Ride Options

What makes an Uber ride a five star Uber ride? George, a driver for Uber, thinks it depends on the passenger. That’s why he decided to offer his riders a menu of different rides that they can choose from.

Choose Your Uber Ride Adventure

Do you enjoy funny banter from your Uber driver? George has got a ride for that. A silent ride? George won’t say a word. He’ll even act as your therapist if you order “The Therapy Ride” and listen to all of your problems. But our absolute favorite is “The Creepy Ride” where he doesn’t say anything to you but just looks “at you from time to time in the rearview mirror: All creepy like.”

Not your cup of tea? How about “The Rude Ride,” it’s just George being as rude to you as possible. He’s even been known to give his riders presents. The last person who chose “The Rude Ride” on the menu got a special keychain with some choice expletives from George.

George Gets Internet Famous

Basically, George is the Uber driver of our dreams. The Internet found out about George after one of his riders posted a photo of his Uber ride menu on Twitter. It’s a paper menu George hands to customers when they get in his car so they can choose the ride they desire.

@LuisLovesGoats‘ Twitter post ended up going viral but George had no idea he was so beloved. Thankfully, @LuisLovesGoats was eventually able to track George down to let him know how popular he became. @LuisLovesGoats said he was happy to pass the message along since George was such a “pure” soul who loves to bring joy to people.

Uber George Blesses Twitter

George, who is also a healthcare worker in Seattle, Washington, eventually started his own Twitter account, @uber_george, in response to his newfound Internet fame. He had thousands of followers within a month of launching the account. There you’ll find lots of George’s hilarious antics. Now that he’s “the world’s most famous Uber driver” he loves to autograph menus for his passengers.

“I’m so happy that my menu is making so many people laugh. It is humbling and exciting to see this all over the Internet,” he wrote.

And George really has made lots of people happy, in addition to his riders who absolutely love him. This is something we hope that all Uber drivers will catch on to. Until then, you might have to take a trip to Seattle and seek out a ride from George if you want to experience the greatest Uber ride of all time.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved