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Uber Driver Saves the Day for Couple On Way to Get Married

A couple from Philadelphia that was on their way to Cecil County Courthouse in Elkton Maryland to get married encountered a flat tire recently, causing them to rely on an Uber driver to save their special day.

Uber driver David Scullion responded to the call but did not think much of it since he was used to frantic passengers wanting to get to their appointment in a hurry. However, it turned out that the pair was desperate not to miss their schedule as it was no ordinary activity. To Scullion’s surprise, the pair was actually on their way to get married.

In a video uploaded by Scullion on YouTube after the incident, he shared that he “got a call from this poor lady over here … and they were broken down on the highway and they told me they were late for an appointment. So, I picked them up and upon the ride, the appointment was to elope.”

Having learned that the couple was about to make the ultimate commitment of their lives, Scullion decided to stop the fare and give Gabriel and Eric (not their real names to protect their privacy) a free ride, which serves as their first wedding gift.

“When I found that out, I stopped the fare and so that that way they don’t have to worry about paying for more fare, I’ve taken them back for free as my wedding gift,” said Scullion .

In a report by Delawareonline, Scullion apparently also volunteered to stand as the couple’s witness in the ceremony after he learned that the two still didn’t have anybody to take the responsibility.

Scullion who called himself a “hopeless romantic” said that the newlyweds were right for each other: “I could see these were two people that were really dedicated to each other.”

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