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Uber Driver’s Dashboard Reveals His Dirty Little Secret

When ordering an Uber, it’s expected the driver won’t be late. You can track the car through the app and anticipate its arrival. However, one Uber driver happened to be 4 minutes away and arrived 15 minutes late. What gives?

Not-So-Fashionably Late

Connor from Toronto, Canada, saw his Uber driver wasn’t too far away, yet it was taking him more than 10 minutes to pick him up. “I was tempted to cancel it and order another one or complain to the Uber employees that were standing around, but the app said I’d be charged a fee because he was already en route and I didn’t want to deal with that so I waited and finally he showed up,” Connor said.


When Connor stepped into the vehicle, he was greeted with a surprise.

Busted By Bluetooth

The Uber driver still had his Bluetooth connected to the vehicle, and the screen on the car’s dash revealed what he’d been doing while Connor was waiting.

Viral Motion

A link for the pornography site Pornhub was up on the screen, with the Uber driver’s fetish loud and clear: Mother and Daughter. “He had clearly forgotten that his phone was connected to his car Bluetooth and it gave me a pretty good clue what took him so long… he was also shamelessly playing it through his sweet, sweet, mint condition six-speaker Toyota Camry audio system,” Connor said.

Uber Creepy

“Thankfully when he arrived I didn’t shake his hand! The second I got in his car I saw what was on his dashboard and killed myself laughing, pretending to be laughing at my phone. Kinda [messed] up taste, but really funny nonetheless,” Connor said.


Before hopping out of the vehicle, Connor notified his Uber driver of his discovery. “By the way,” Connor said, ” your playlist is still running on your car dashboard, you know, music.” Awkward.

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