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10 Ugly Ducklings Who Grew Up So Hot, They’re Unrecognizable

Whether it’s acne-covered skin, a terrible hairstyle or a mouth full of braces, everyone went through an ugly phase. At the time you would do anything to wake up ten times hotter and for some people that actually happened. These people don’t just look better, they’re unrecognizable and give hope to every ugly duckling out there.

This Geeky Teen

That smile is so blinding, we would never guess the long-haired teen would grow into this hunk. Shows you what a bit of facial hair and a better stylist can do.


That Emo Phase

Everyone went through an emo phase in their teens and we bet this girl is glad she grew out of it. Ditching the bangs and finding a hair color that suits have done wonders.


This Shy Guy

Filling out, getting a better haircut and styling his eyebrows really turned things around for this shy teen. His smile somehow improved too. We bet he has lots of girls willing to pose with him now.


The Same Person?

This is such a transformation, it looks like two different people. She actually looks younger in the second picture. Better pose, glossy hair and fierce make-up…what a beauty!


Dropping The Lion Look

This guy admitted he thought his lion hair was cool back when he was 14. Thankfully, he’s ditched that look and picked up a chiseled jaw and toned arms. What an improvement.


Ditching The Trash

This girl proves feeling beautiful on the inside shows on the outside. She overcame cystic acne, lost 50 lbs, got braces and dropped an emotionally abusive boyfriend. Now she looks better than ever.


From Geek To Model Chic

From gappy-toothed tween to god-like good looks. We can’t believe these two people are related, let alone the same person. It gives hope to us all.


When Eyebrows Are Everything

This cutie proves sorting out your eyebrows, whitening your teeth and a good hairstylist are game changers. We’re glad she hung onto that adorable smile.


This Total Hunk

Where did that jawline spring from? From kind of goofy with a Justin Bieber haircut to smoldering hunk with flowing locks in just a few short years.


Teenage Angst

The happy glowing woman on the right seems a whole lot happier than her teenage self on the left. Confidence definitely shines through and a better haircut helps.


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