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UK Couple Looking For Part-Time Nanny Will Pay $53,00 Salary, As Long As She Wears A Disney Princess Costume

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If you have ever wanted to hire Mary Poppins or another Disney character as your children’s nanny, it looks like your dreams can come true. In March 2019, a pair of British parents launched a search for a part-time nanny for $53,000 a year, as long as they wear a Disney princess costume. Are you ready to submit your application?

Specific Job Requirements

Disney princesses are energetic, and this energy can often rub off on children. That’s why a UK couple decided to hire a part-time nanny who would dress up as Disney princesses in order to show their five-year-old twin daughters what a strong female role model looks like.

The nanny would be required to spend an entire day dressed in a Disney princess costume. Wouldn’t it be easier if Belle was asking you to eat your fruits and vegetables? If Cinderella asked us to take a nap, we would listen to her. If your children love Disney princesses, they would probably respect her. What more could a nanny (and parent) want?

Inspiring Young Girls

The couple knew they were making the right choice in selecting a nanny for their children. Their mother commented, “Like most five-year-olds, our girls are obsessed with Disney and we feel this would be the best way to communicate some important values.”

While they know it’s an unusual request and some nannies would be opposed to the idea, the couple wanted their daughters to grow up admiring strong women. Their mother commented, “We think it would be a great way to teach our girls about things like determination, compassion, fearlessness, and ambition from strong yet relatable role models.”

Fun Job Perks

You don’t have to worry about buying your own costumes. Instead, the couple said they would buy costumes for their nanny. They preferred a nanny who has played a princess at a Disney theme park, but they desperately wanted someone with a creative flair and passion for Disney’s commitment to inspiring young children.

“We think it’s a great opportunity for someone to get really creative and add a little magic to our girls’ lives,” the couple added. So, if you have dreamed of becoming a Disney princess and working with children, it’s time to update your resume.

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