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5 Unbelievable Images Caught By Google Street-View

People are carrying on their usual business, not knowing their actions are being watched and recorded by Google’s cameras. Google Street View offers users a close, realistic view of Earth unlike ever before. But it has managed to record some of the most hilarious and unusual events, allowing us to enjoy them to this day.

Casual Lunch With A Llama

This is a sight you don’t see every day: a man eating his lunch on a sidewalk with a llama as his date. Crazy, right? But it’s almost as though the man in the picture is saying, “Don’t mind us. We’re just having lunch here.” Whatever makes you happy, sir.


We’re Watching You

This photo isn’t hilarious; it’s creepy. Google managed to capture four people standing in the middle of a desert, next to a car, wearing horror masks. They’re staring right at the camera. So, they know they’re being watched by Google. Hopefully, no one was hurt in the process of taking this photo.


All The Pigeon People

When you’re visiting Tokyo, Japan, you don’t expect to see a gang of “pigeon people” on the sidewalk. Google managed to hilariously capture a group of people wearing pigeon masks. They’re lined up along the sidewalk, staring right at the camera. Would you approach these people? Would they peck at you? We’ll never know.

Jessica Learish/Google Street View

Just Chillin’

Google captures the most hilarious and bizarre moments on Google Street View. This includes this person wearing a horse mask and a cozy bathrobe. He’s sitting by the side of the road, casually eating a banana. Maybe this is a daily routine for the individual. As long as he’s happy.

Jessica Learish/Google Street View

Missing Body Parts

Sometimes, the Google Street View camera has a glitch. It can be difficult to capture moving people. That’s what happened with this photograph from Anchorage, Alaska, where it looks like two pairs of legs are walking by themselves. Where’s the rest of their bodies? Or, are these people becoming invisible men?

Jessica Learish/Google Street View

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