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5 Unbelievable Signs That Will Have You Cracking Up

You probably don’t think about it much, but we are bombarded with signs every single day. How many of us pay attention to what they say? Next time you’re out, really read the signs as written. You’ll probably be surprised by what they say and have some to add to this list!

Here are some signs that will crack you up and have you asking, say what?

Trippin’ Bison

Something obviously happened to the poor bison to require a sign like this. Imagine being an innocent bison being fed by generous passersby, only to start tripping ten minutes later. This sign begs the following questions: what kind of psychoactive substance were they fed, and do you have a video?


Bathroom Residence

Imagine you’re in a foreign country and you have to use the bathroom. When you close the door you see this sign, telling you opening the door is strictly prohibited. But, wait, you don’t want to live in a bathroom in a foreign country, so how are you going to get out of there?


Having The Talk

You may have wondered how kids are made. Wonder no more! This sign speaks of a kid-making program. According to the sign, this place is educating some group on how to turn clothing into brand spanking new kids. Hallelujah! There will never be a shortage of kids again, thanks to the kiducation program.


Inflation Rates

The cost of everything is going up. We all know that, but Burger King has taken things too far. Remember when you could buy a whopper for under two dollars? Well, not anymore! Get your credit cards out because if you want to buy two whoppers at this Burger King, it will cost you a cool $600.


Which Way, George?

It’s always nice when signs give you clear direction on which way to go. What happens when the sign gives you mixed messages? What do you do? On this sign, you have the finger, the top arrow, and the person walking in one direction. If you look further down, you have an arrow directing you the exact opposite way. Lost? Don’t expect this sign to help you.


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