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These Hilarious Kids Are Completely Oblivious To How Funny They Really Are

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Being the parent of a young child is always bound to bear its fair share of surprises. With some luck, they’re the kind of surprises that bring us a rare kind of joy, the moments in which kids do something so unexpected that it leaves us holding our sides with laughter. These unintentionally hilarious kids have a way of showing us all just how funny their innocent and genuine worldviews can be to an older eye, especially when it’s caught on camera.

1. Thinking Outside The Box

Picture the following scenario. You’re out for a stroll, enjoying a breath of fresh air, when you are suddenly beset with an attack of fatigue, and it hits hard. It will take a while to get home, and you’re too tired to think. How do you come up with a solution?

hilarious kids improvised pillow funny


This picture proves how hilarious kids can be when thinking creatively. The little girl was tired and had a lie-down on the cement, but it was too hard. Equipped with chalk and a great imagination, however, she decided to MacGyver herself the perfect pillow. Just don’t disturb her, she’s dreaming!

2. Master Of Disguise

To win a good game of hide-and-go-seek, one must not just find the proper hiding place and commit to it. One must master the arts of silence and stealth, blending into the surroundings if necessary. Of course, children of a certain age might have some slightly unorthodox tactics.

hide-and-seek hilarious kid


During this little tyke’s playtime, he apparently decided that if he couldn’t see the person looking for him, then surely it worked both ways, and they couldn’t see him: out of sight, out of mind. And because the chair’s seat has matching upholstery, surely he must have thought that he’d camouflaged just perfectly. Wonder if they noticed?

3. Pink Power

Many little girls develop an early fascination with all things sparkly and pink, particularly if it has to do with beautiful princesses or delicate fairies. But some feisty young rebels are just built differently and march to the beat of their own drum. Sometimes, breaking the system is best done from within.

hilarious kids fairy sword costume


This girl made the bold choice that being a gorgeous fairy princess, wings, tiara, and all, was simply not satisfying enough for her. Seen boldly brandishing her fierce sword, it’s clear that she truly is a warrior queen in the making. Let’s just hope she reigns in the name of justice and fairness.

4. Leader Of The Pack

As the old adage goes, there’s no use crying over spilled milk. And while young children do indeed have a tendency to burst into tears over the most seemingly mundane things possible, this little one had a more progressive approach. She decided to make the best out of a sticky situation and the results were pure Internet gold.

cats funny kid hilarious kids


Growing up in a household with pets is a great way for a child to get a whole new set of friends. Of course, there is the risk that they might start rubbing off on each other — and this girl is no exception! If her furry pals were doing it, then surely it was okay! Kitty see, kitty do.

5. An Unforgettable Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a big deal even for the youngest child. They take great delight in letting their mommy know just how much she is loved, and want to contribute to giving her a day of pampering and showering of gifts. Of course, any great Mother’s Days starts with breakfast in bed.

mothers day snails gross funny hilarious kids


However, it would appear that the mom who received this basket of raw escargot got way more of a surprise than she’d bargained for. Embodying all that is genuine, innocent and bizarrely hilarious, the loving child behind this gift oozing with love thought snails were cool, and therefore, by extension, thought so would Mom! We’re sure she was (not so) pleasantly surprised.

6. I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

This girl isn’t actually horrified at the thought of having a new little sibling in the family — far from it! According to the parent of the toddler in his hilarious photo, the soon-to-be big sister had practiced and practiced carefully holding and caring for a baby will dolls. But there was just one thing about those toys that she hadn’t taken into consideration.

heavy baby girl funny face hilarious kids


Those dolls were clearly a lot lighter in weight than the real deal, and judging by the look of sheer panic on her face that she just couldn’t repress, she had underestimated what an actual baby would feel like. Hopefully, her feelings toward holding her sibling have changed but, but we’re sure glad someone was there to capture this hilarious moment.

7. Trick-Or-Treat, Smell My…What?

Broadly speaking, when Halloween comes around, young kids tend to play it safe with their costume choices. More often than not, they like to opt for simple costume ideas, like a princess, a superhero, an animal, or something spooky. And then there’s this hilarious kid, who’s left us all wondering, “Why didn’t we think of that?”

fart costume halloween hilarious kids


Naturally, few things bring kids more fits of laughter than the wonders of toilet humor. This devious little munchkin decided he wanted to dress up as a fart for Halloween, which then begs the question — how do you dress up like an invisible bodily function? Swathed in wisps of swamp-colored fabric and armed with a sound gun, this epic image is likely to make for tear-inducing laughter later in life when his parents pull out the photo album.

8. Department Store Doppelganger

This girl couldn’t be more thrilled at what she found while her parents went shopping at a department store. She happened upon a picture frame filled with one of the generic stock photos that they usually come with. But unlike most casual shoppers, she noticed something no one else did.

stock photo girl funny hilarious kids


In an adorable little misunderstanding, the girl thought that the girl’s face that was gracing the stock photo was her own! Best of all, even at a young age she’s learned how to do something that can take some people a lifetime: to love herself dearly. And as if that wasn’t enough, check out her brother in the background. Self love all around!

9. Hang Ten, Dude

Have your parents ever remarked to you that once upon a time you were a “happy baby?” If so, it must have made their job raising helpless little you so much easier. It seems this guy and other wonderfully hilarious kids are born programmed to be just a bit more positive than the rest.

thumbs up funny baby hilarious kids


This boy is going to have an awesome time recreating this photo when he’s older, but he might find it difficult to replicate the level of swagger he managed to achieve here. Somehow, he has mastered the art of the casual lean, the thumbs up, and the irresistible smile all in one fell swoop! And most likely, without even realizing.

10. Instructions Unclear

We do everything for our kids, because so many different activities just can’t be learned by instinct alone. Whether it’s helping them brush their teeth, brushing and styling their hair, or how to scrub behind their ears, we have to be there for them every step of the way as they grow and learn.

backwards jacket funny hilarious kids


Of course, there are just a few things that seem fairly logical from the get-go and don’t really require a full explanation. Take, for example, this kid who didn’t quite get which way you wear a hooded jacket. What was probably just a random, split-second moment of shenanigans, will likely go on as laughing stock for the family for years.

11. May The Force Be With Tutus

No matter how much we dress them up and clean them off, young children seem to have a penchant for finding dirt and covering themselves in at without a care in the world. Couple that behavior with some unintentional pop culture reference and snap a photo that the family will chuckle over in adoration for years.

jedi warrior knight hilarious kids


We can only hope as much will be the case for this adorable, little tutu-ed Jedi warrior whose parent mentioned on Reddit that their daughter “looks like she just destroyed an entire Sith army.” The Force is certainly with this one, even if she doesn’t know it yet.

12. Civil Disobedience

Any parent of young children can tell you that one of their biggest challenges, time and time again, is getting them to go to bed at a decent time, and to sleep through the night. You would be hard-pressed to find a parent who hasn’t known the struggle of getting their little ones to understand that playtime is over.

carpet hiding hilarious kids


Many children would opt for the easy, instinctive route of throwing a temper tantrum. But some kids take a more creative approach, deciding they can beat the game by creating their own rules. This little girl decided that if her parents couldn’t see her, then surely they couldn’t send her to bed. Seems convincing enough!

13. In The Lap Of Luxury

For all the hard work that it takes raising a child, there are small moments of thoughtful consideration from their end that make the experience all that much more worth it. One of the sweetest and simplest acts of love they could do is to bring their parents breakfast in bed.

breakfast in bed hilarious kids


Of course, when you’re too young to go out to the store on your own, you have to make do with whatever you can find in the kitchen, and the ensuing result can be unintentionally hysterical.  Take for example this kid who had a strong start with the croissant, and then switched directions pretty quickly. Apparently he also got hungry on the way, because that string cheese had a little accident.

14. Santa’s Little Helpers

Apparently this guy was going less in the direction of milk and a plate of cookies, and more towards a peanut butter and banana sandwich. It would appear that the instructions for this elementary school’s Christmas pageant were to dress up as elves, but one little rock star heard things differently.

elvis elf hilarious kids


The other kids in the class seem pretty unfazed by the one Elvis in the room of elves. Hopefully, this picture will appear on VH1’s Behind the Music years from now when this young non-conformist is a major recording artist. One thing’s for sure: he’s definitely not having a “Blue Christmas.”

15. Missing The Point, But Technically Correct

Many class projects for kids in elementary school are designed not only to showcase the young student’s artistic chops (or lack thereof), but specifically to remind their parents how much they are appreciated. Making a mug is not only a nice gesture, but is a gift that can actually be useful.

mug gift hilarious kids


For this meaningful Mother’s Day gift, students were likely asked to write a message of love to their mother. Some likely waxed poetic. This young wordsmith, however, had a different message — cutting, bold, genuine and unintentionally hysterical in all its blunt veracity. Not only is this kid on track to acing biology class, but he should probably check out a youth comedy club.

16. Child Witch Doctor

As we get older, sometimes we just need that perfect life moment to put the spice back into our marriage. In this case, that special zest was given by this hilarious kid who opted to give his fourth grade teacher a special ruse he had concocted just for her and her husband.

gift hilarious kids


Rather than containing snake oil or eye of newt and toe of frog like the usual potions, this one was particularly geared to help with any marital woes that might be going on outside of school. Chock full of Valentine’s Day candy hearts and topped off with some powerful marshmallows. Like many a young child, the nuance of euphemisms relating to adult references were lost on this kid making for this hilarious outcome of a genuinely sweet effort. Or so we can only hope.

17. Porky Pet

This hilarious kid clearly received a simple writing assignment. They were given a limited choice of words to describe their family pet, and asked to elaborate. The instructions were clear enough, and this student had a fair idea of what needed to be done in order to complete the exercise.

round dog hilarious kids


The student answered innocently enough and gave the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Apparently their beloved pooch was a little on the chunky side. Providing some clarification as to why the dog is a circle proved challenging, however, but thankfully they provided a helpful diagram to illustrate the situation. The takeaway: never underestimate how funny a child’s literal interpretation of things can be.

18. Quite Literally

We all have that one friend who can’t be blamed for their actions when they don’t quite do what we wanted. They just interpret our words literally rather than looking at the bigger picture. This dad’s hilarious kid was asked to perform a simple chore, something not too difficult to understand: feed the cat.

hilarious kids


Of course, the kid knew that an orange was food, so according to child logic, it would make sense that the fruit would be enough to give the cat as a meal. Not a single care was given as to whether the cat would understand how to peel the fruit. Unfortunately, the frowning feline looks less than pleased with the results of the misunderstanding but the entertainment value here is certainly not lost on adult human onlookers!

19. Wigging Out

If you’re a person who likes to wear wigs over your real hair, or you live with someone like that, then you know that out of context, wigs can be pretty frightening. Don’t believe us? Wait until you accidentally stumble across one on the floor late at night, find it stuffed inside a drawer or see it being used as an improvised Cousin Itt costume.

wig nigeria funny hilarious kids

Twitter/Ashola Ilie

The man who posted this hilariously adorable, albeit startling, photo had the shock of his life when he saw this unassuming kid innocently sauntering around the house wearing this giant wig he had found lying about. In his Twitter post, the photographer from Nigeria admitted that he had thought it was a real-life spirit representation of the local thunder god.

20. Your Move, Bro

For kids, meeting a new significant other of a family member is a big event. Sometimes, it’s quite scary and they might want to run and hide, not ready yet to make acquaintances. But it all depends on the child themselves. In some cases, establishing dominance is the name of the game.

nephew outfit hilarious kids


Take for example this kid, who had been told that his aunt’s new boyfriend was coming over to meet him for the first time. First impressions are key, and the boy wanted to let the significant other know that he was a force to be reckoned with — so he prepared this outfit for the occasion. Kid really do the darndest things, and we’re so glad!

21. Existentialism Jr.

Before getting your kids into heavier philosophical treatises such as those by Camus and Sartre, you might want to start them off with something just a tad bit lighter, like The Cat in the Hat for example. This woke kid opted to give his father a card he’d surely never forget.

hilarious kids

Twitter/Brian Sack

What was originally a lighthearted assignment to bring his father some birthday cheer ended up slightly darker than anticipated. In all honesty, we can’t say that the 11-year-old illustrator or this unique birthday card was wrong. What we’d view as cynicism or snark in an adult though, was another example of how the literal worldviews of children can make for some pretty darn funny material.

22. The Scream

Angst. Drama. Horror. Disgust. These are the words used by art critics to describe the shocking act that this child captured on canvas, forever preserved in colored pencil for posterity to wonder upon. It was a moment that tore the household apart, one that permanently changed relationships and the household dynamic.

dog picture mom drawing hilarious kids


No, that’s not a mythical monster wreaking havoc, one that can shoot a bolt of lightning out of its posterior. That’s the family dog, depicted in the midst of the heinous act of relieving itself all over the couch. Depicted below is this kid’s mother, reacting with horror to the ill-fated deed. Ah, insights into the child psyche… they never fail to entertain.

23. I Cast Thee Out

Taking family portraits is a childhood rite of passage, and getting the right picture of your kids, perfectly aligned and posing like angels, is difficult but so rewarding. However, the more kids you have, the higher the likelihood that somebody is going to not exactly be camera-ready.

hilarious kids funny


The elder of the family sons photographed here apparently identified that there was a dire problem with his newborn baby brother, one that might just require an exorcism. His sister seems less than amused. Wonder how long it took in the end to get this little flock of angels to sit still? We can’t wait for the reenactment 18 years later.

24. Little Adults

Generally speaking, the older we get, the more likely we are to willingly wake up early and try to make the most of the time allotted for us in a day. But not everyone is a morning person. These hilarious kids have been rudely awakened from their beauty sleep — and it ain’t looking pretty.

morning person hilarious kids


The sense of sheer consternation wrinkling across their faces and annoyed eyebrows is something we can all identify with. Like an overworked and underwhelmed couple years older than their current station, these two aren’t even touching their morning bowls of cereal, because they’re still far too deep in the existential shock of having to be awake this early.

25. Be A Dog In A Room Of Princesses

The request was fair enough for this little girl’s birthday party: it was princess-themed, so it was only logical to ask all the friends coming to dress up like a princess. And what little girl doesn’t like being a princess sometime? The one on the right, it would seem!

hilarious kids puppy princess costume


Without knowing how hilarious and strong-willed her outfit choice was, she decidedly did not relish the opportunity to flounce around in billowing skirts, and made the conscious choice that blending in with the rest of the herd was simply not an option. To this brave young soul who already knows how to celebrate her differences: we salute you!

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